Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pictures of me on my friend's Friesian mare!

My best friend and I got all dressed up (literally in dresses) and took pictures with her gorgeous Friesian mare Z!  I think they turned out awesome!  I love them.  :D  Let me know what you think.

 Shaking her head lol!!  Flies were bad.

 LOVE this! Look at that neck!


Isn't she GORGEOUS????  I love how well the pictures turned out!  :D  Z has put all of her weight back on since my friend bought her in February.  I can't wait to see how well she looks once she's all muscled up!  It's about time for her to start getting exercised more regularly.

On another note...  I bet you can't guess what tomorrow is??


  1. beautiful horse and rider. you guys look terrific.

  2. The pictures look great. Was it cloudy day? It's hard to get details to show on black animals, but I'll bet the black and white saddle pad helped. The camera knew the pad had the extreme tones, and allowed more of the horse's variety of shades to come through.

  3. Thanks both of you! NuzMuz, yep it was cloudy. Not a patch of blue sky to be seen. I was actually surprised how well her features showed up especially with her head turned in front of her body. I was afraid she would be a big black blob. I think her shine helped too! I love my friend's zebra striped saddle pad hehe. :D

  4. How pretty, love the pics.

    For the tailbag, you really have to invest in the extra time and hassle of the 3 tube tail bags. Go directly to ones that are cotton or polar fleece, the lycra ones snag and rip WAY too easily. You then separate the tail into 3 sections, put each section into a tube and then braid the 3 tubes. Guaranteed to stay in, keep the tail clean, tangle free and LONG!

  5. Thanks Appy! Where would I get a three tube tail bag? I've heard of them, but never seen one. Does it go all the way to the top like a normal bag or just up to the dock since it's braided? How often do you take it off to wash and redo it? Can they still keep flies off effectively? Chrome is tormented by those gnats that cause his sweet itch so I don't want to take away any of his protection. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and sorry there are so many of them. I guess I could probably just go look at a video on Youtube to see how you put them on, but I would love to know where to get them and how long you can leave them on. :)

  6. I typically get my tail bags off of eBay or Facebook tack groups, if you wait a week or two it seems like there are always 3 tube bags that pop up for under $10 shipped. Some are complete tubes, others are flat pieces with velcro to close the tube. They are also really easy to make.
    Measure the tail from end of the dock to the end of the hair so you know an approximate length to buy. My apps have really short tails but TWH needs as long as they come!
    The bags typically have a tie that you tie up at the bottom of the dock and that holds the bag in place while you install it. Never tie the top on the dock as it will cut off circulation and the tail can die and fall off!
    I take the tails down once a month, brush them out, apply the conditioner of choice (Suave, Aussie, V05, etc) and put it back in the bag. I only bathe the tails when the horses get baths.
    The tail bags actually work better for my guys for flies because they can KILL flies instead of swishing them away. It takes a few days for them to get used to the bag and for them to realize how to use it, but then watch out because it becomes a deadly weapon!

  7. Thank you for the information! That's much cheaper than I was expecting. I'll definitely look into one. :D

  8. I found these instructions. The pictures don't show up... and it says only use Lycra. Will this work with cotton too? Do you have different instructions that are better? Thanks again for taking the time to educate me on something I've never really even thought about before hehe.

  9. I know Frizzle. It was just for the pictures. I've ridden her several times so I knew she would be fine. She just stood there. She was so bored it was almost impossible to get her ears forward hehe. :) Next time I go up there I'll have her get a picture of me actually riding so you can see I do have my helmet on the rest of the time hehe.

  10. She is simply stunning!!!


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