Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chrome's Dental & Vaccines

It was crowded and this is the best shot my hubby could get.

Chrome got his dental done today by the new vet and she's awesome!!! She's smart, down to earth, friendly, knowledgeable and the prices weren't as bad as I was expecting.  She said he definitely had some sharp points, but no ulceration at all so that was a relief.  She let me feel them too.  I'll make sure not to wait so long for his next one.  She also made sure to get the molars around where the bit would be really smooth since I told her I was going to start using one.  She asked questions about him and genuinely seemed interested in everything I told her.  She asked what my plans were for him and she complimented his bone and big feet.  :D  Oh and his personality hehe.  I know vets like all well behaved animals, but she really did seem to admire him.  It made me happy!

Since we're hoping to go do things this year we went ahead and did all of his vaccines (rabies, WNV, E&W, Tetanus and I think Rhino and Influenza too, but I'll have to check the receipt... I forgot lol).  I'm terrified and checking on him every hour for reactions but she said the vaccines she uses (I forgot the brand... will have to look it up or ask) have a carrier agent that rarely causes reactions.  She didn't seem concerned at all.  The good news is she has a mobile emergency truck so if he did have a reaction she could come right back to treat him and since I had the vet do it the vaccine company would pay for it.... small comfort if things did go wrong I guess.  I'll be obsessively checking on him for a while though!  How long does it take before you know they are completely safe?  I'm probably being overly paranoid.

I also had his blood pulled for his coggins.  Sorry for the lack of pictures.  As soon as she got there it started pouring rain so we had to do it on my front porch LOL!!! I wish I had a barn.  Chrome was very good as usual.  I think he liked not having to be in stocks or having his head cranked up high (I love that she lets them hold their heads naturally).  She also said I can try claritan for his Sweet Itch.  She said it works just as well as the equine antihistamine, especially if they've already started itching.  Apparently the equine kind (I think she called it TriHist) has to be started before they start getting bites.  I take claritan anyway so it's worth a try.  :)

Well that's all for now.  My back is killing me from being on my feet for so long (we had a huge Maple limb fall in the pond so we had to drag it out, cut it up and haul it out of the pasture), so I'm going to go lay down a while.


  1. Yay for good teeth! I get the boys checked every year, they are done either yearly or biyearly. It keeps big problems like ulcerations at bay by catching the small issues early. If it has been 12 hours since the vaccination, he is fine. You would notice something within a few hours.

  2. Okay good. It's been over twelve hours and he's still totally fine. I'm actually surprised because the injections sites aren't even swollen or hot. :)

    I normally get his teeth done every year but I missed last year because of moving and building the house. Money was very tight! We're back on schedule though and I'm very happy to have found this new vet. She is awesome!!

  3. HE HE just saw you did all the vaccines. I am sure NO problems like you and vet said:)


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