Thursday, May 29, 2014

Leggy Boy

I keep looking at this picture of Chrome (I made it my desktop background) from last weekend and thinking.... man he's still really leggy!!!  Is that because he's five?  Or does he just not have a deep heart girth?  Will it get deeper as he fills out and matures some more?  Or maybe it's an optical illusion from hubby zooming in (we weren't close)....  anyway it's not a big deal.  Just one of those weird things I think about when I'm bored (being injured sucks!) and thought I would get your opinions for fun.  :D

I also noticed he looks thin in this picture (athletic thin, not too thin), but in real life he looks kind of fat LOL!!  I think he's one of those special horses that loses weight in pictures instead of gaining it.  Just another bored observation I made.


  1. He looks pretty good! I can tell that he is young, but that's all.

    My former horse (now my friend's horse) just turned 8 this year and she didn't start filling out until about 6.5 years old. She looked a little leggy and thin-ish, but now she looks deeper and much more proportionate. Of course, she also has not been started yet. ;)

    I think you're doing a great job with your boy! :)

  2. Thanks guys! It's just weird to notice it in pictures sometimes because in person I never really notice it.

    Kit, wow that's crazy she didn't fill out until 6.5! I bet he has a LOT of filling out left to do then. He has definitely filled out in the last year, but he still looks leggy and narrow. Their bones aren't finished growing until they are seven though so it shouldn't be a surprise for me that he will continue to fill out hehe. :D

  3. If he's got Egyptian Arab in him he may be leggy. Photos do funny things though. He looks great to me - but I love a sleek Arab build!

  4. I LOVE the way he looks. I'm not complaining, but I wasn't expecting him to look yearling leggy as a five year old LOL! I was just curious if that's a stage of his growth or if he had longer legs than the average horse or if it was a weird optical illusion. It's no big deal. I'm just bored out of my mind haha!

    I wish I knew more about his Arabian side, but she couldn't tell me anything about the mare's breeding. She wasn't registered or anything. Chrome's breeder was never planning on selling Chrome (in fact she doesn't even breed Friesian crosses, the breeding was a gift from a friend), so she didn't care that her Arabian wasn't registered. She was breeding for her next trail horse, because she loves his mom so much. I feel bad she had to sell him, but I'm also really happy I ended up with him because he's the best horse ever. :D He will just be half a mystery lol. I did get to meet his mom though and she is really awesome!! I'm hoping to go trail riding with them someday so I can get some current pictures of her. :)


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