Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

 Love this picture!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I'm so thankful for having the day off to spend with my family and also because it gave me time to play with the animals and actually get the camera out so you can see this guy's handsome face.  I know you've missed seeing it hehe.

I wish he hadn't been standing on a slope here lol.

Ignore the smoke coming out of his back.  We finally got rain after being under a burn ban for three months so we were burning brush piles.

Hubby got Rocky out too and we spent a long time brushing them.  I even combed out both of their tails, which I don't normally have time to do.  Rocky had some snarls in his so I'm glad I did it before they got worse.

I wish I had time to wash Chrome's tail weekly.  It's so gross looking.
It is finally growing again though, yay!!  
Putting Jasper out in the big pasture has distracted Rebel
and Yankee from rubbing their horns in Chrome's tail.  :)

Looks so much better!  His is so much thicker than
Chrome's and takes a lot longer to comb out.

I don't have a whole lot to talk about.  I haven't been riding Rocky because it makes me sad I can't ride Chrome.  Rehabbing from a tendon injury is boring and gives nothing to blog about.  Sorry I've been so quiet.  I'm just so thankful he is healing up and everything is going well.  :)  Enjoy the pictures.

 So handsome!  I had to use the scissors to cut burs out of his ear hair lol.

 His mane is growing out.  I'm leaving it to grow out for the winter again.  
I'll roach him again next spring when he starts rubbing it out again. 

 Can't leave Rocky out.  He's doing great. 

 Going for our walk.  He loves his walks.  :)

 Harassing Rocky.  Chrome is such a dork.

 Now he's remembering how to pose lol. So handsome!

He has such a cute expression.

 I took this picture by accident and I liked it so I kept it.  :)

 Once back out in the pasture Chrome just wanted to go eat hay and wouldn't pose.

Rocky was standing guard over the goats eating their food and then when he realized Chrome was at the hay bale he trotted out there.  Silly boy.

That's all for now.  I hope you all are having a super awesome, happy, thankful Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Chrome & Rocky are both looking so good! Love that headshot of Rocky, and the Chrome + Donkey too.

    1. Thank you. Chrome thrives in the winter because there are no bugs to make him itch.

  2. Wow Chrome looks SO light in these pictures! What a difference from the spring!

  3. Belated but I hope you had a great thanksgiving!

  4. Still missing you. Please blog soon.

    1. I miss you too. Sorry for not blogging. I've been working a lot of overtime. My entire week consists of nothing but working, feeding animals in the dark after work, doing chores, showering, eating and sleeping five sometimes six days a week. On my day or days off I help cut firewood so we don't freeze to death this winter (our only source of heat is a wood stove or electric heaters that are too expensive to run), grocery shopping, chores that I didn't have time for during the week etc. I've had zero time for reading blogs or blogging. I scheduled a bunch of posts on my other blog one day several weeks ago because I had some free time, but that was one day. I'll try to get a post up this weekend. I have some cute pictures of Chrome I want to share. Thanks for thinking of me! I hope you are doing well. I'm dying to get caught up on your blog. I miss reading it so much. Email me if you want. I can answer emails on my lunch break at work. :)


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