Sunday, October 9, 2016

More Friesian Pictures

 Okay if you haven't seen yesterday's post, make sure to check it out.  Remember when my best friend and I did a photo shoot on her Friesian mare?

Here is the old post

We did another photo shoot last weekend when I got the pictures in yesterday's post.  You can see where he gets his good looks right??

 I wish she hadn't torn her mane out, but she's still just as gorgeous as her son.  My friend is so lucky to have these two Friesians.  :)

 I took pictures of my best friend too and I think they turned out so awesome.  Here is the one that was everyone's favorite even though it's blurry...

 Everyone liked it because she's sidesaddle in a normal western saddle (it's not a sidesaddle) in a dress, barefoot at a canter.... she makes me look like a kindergarten rider hehe. Let me know if you want to see her other pictures.  I don't think she'll mind me posting them, but I'll ask her to be sure.


  1. I would definitely love to see the other pictures

    1. I completely forgot about posting the others. I'll try to get that done when I have time and I'm at home.


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