Saturday, February 10, 2018

Round Bale Slow Feed Hay Net

The slow feed hay net finally arrived!!  It's only been a few days, but so far I think this thing is going to be worth the money.  The horses figured out how to use it in a single night.  I was very impressed.  When they eat from it, it really is just like grazing.  Here is a short video showing them eating from it.  Sorry for the horrid quality... stupid cell phones...

Here are some more pictures.

This next one looks like my hubby has a horse head lol.

He was tightening the net because I wasn't able to tie it completely closed when we first put it on (I'm a wimp).  It's going to be so much easier to put on when the tractor is fixed and we can put it on while it's in the air.

The reason Rocky has so much hay in his mouth in the second picture is because hubby pulled some out and gave it to him.

Here is a further out picture so you can see the net.  It looks like they've eaten a ton of hay in a short period of time, but it's just because they pulled on it so it fell down on the sides making it look wide and flat.  I'm curious to see how long a bale lasts with the net.

Look at how filthy my horse still is.  I'm glad for the rain because we've been in a bit of a drought (we were under a burn ban) but I'm so tired of the mud....

Anyway I'll update more after we've fed a bale or two out of it.


  1. I love how fine the mesh is, so it really will slow them down and prevent waste. Let us know how much slower they eat - if you kept track before. That thing must have been expensive. I like how Chrome says, "Maybe I'll be able to eat faster if I go over here. Oh well."

    1. Yep I will keep you updated. I know approximately how fast they were eating a bale without it. It was expensive, but I think it will pay for itself quickly. It was less than the vet bill was so even if it prevents one colic it will have paid for itself.

      Chrome is so cute with his wishful thinking. The little wise guy figured out how to get his nose it the opening where I wasn't able to tie it completely closed, that's why there is a divot in the top of the bale. I'll make sure to position the net so that I can close it all the way next time. Hubby fixed it for me yesterday so Chrome can't cheat anymore. :D

  2. Love your blog. I have used a a Hay Net for one of my horses for a coupe of years now. She can get very cranky with our other horses so she is kept in a separate corral. The net definitely slows her down and I think she enjoys her hay more. I feed twice a day which helps with weight control on all four of our horses. I have two of the nets so I can prep the next feeding in advance.:)

  3. I absolutely adored having a slow feed hay net when we fed round bales for our last year in MI. It absolutely mimics grazing and significantly reduces waste. Hope you love it!

  4. I am also a fan of nets to slow down the voracious Morgans. :-)

  5. I used slow feeder hay nets for my goats, because they wasted so much hay. They worked beautifully!


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