Monday, May 28, 2018

Happy Memorial Day! - Ride 154

We went for a fun, short ride around the property today as our way of celebrating the holiday.  The ride was shorter than I intended at twenty-twenty five minutes because someone showed up and interrupted the ride.  I was irritated, but it was probably for the best since Chrome is so out of shape.

I was going to work on walk/trot transitions, but Chrome's right stifle gave out with every downward transition.  After the ride I looked at his hooves and his toe on that side is getting too long so it's time for me to rasp them again.  I'll do that before the next ride and see if it makes a difference.  It usually does.

Chrome gets excited about having neighbor horses across the street again.

After a ten plus walking warm up and a few failed walk/trot transitions I trotted him the entire length of the driveway.  On that downward transition his stifle didn't give out so I did it again and cantered him for a few strides.  After that his stifle never gave out again no matter what we did.  We trotted, cantered, backed up, turned circles, etc.  It's so weird how he seems to warm up out of it.  I just need to do his ground work again with backing, stepping over things, etc. to strengthen his stifles back up.  Time off just does not treat this horse well at all physically.  Mentally it's like we never took a day off.  He's such a good boy. 

Look at how fleabitten his cheeck is!

Other than the stifle issues, the one random fly and getting interrupted it was a good ride.

 Look how flexible my boy is!  his tail is touching the ground!!
Just ignore how filthy it is lol.
Well I guess..... the end!


  1. His mane looks great this year - I hope you don't cut it off! I am enjoying watching him change color and become flea-bitten. Sometimes I think there is one benefit of bugs - they get our horses stretching and moving.

    1. It was looking good for a long time but now it's all gone on his withers again. It's so frustrating!!! I want to cut it off so bad. I miss his Mohawk. I'll get pictures this weekend to show you. He needs a bath too. He's been in the pond a lot with our heat index of 115F!! Sorry I didn't see your comment until now.


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