Thursday, August 30, 2018


Did you all get emails from asking if you want to maintain your subscription to each of your blogs?  Are these legit emails? Is this the "fix" for us not getting notifications of comments?? I'm too chicken to click on the subscribe button in the emails so I wanted to see if anyone else has gotten them. Thanks in advance for any help!


  1. I got same email today and yesterday for two different blog accounts. I, too, am VERY suspicious and will not click on the links. Here is one of the text from one of the emails. Looked online but don't see any info, except your question. Let me know how you handle this. Thanks!!!


    " Hi,! It’s been a while. We would like to confirm that you still want to receive email notifications when new comments on blog xxxxxxxxx have been published.
    Please click the Maintain Subscription link below to continue receiving new comment email notifications from this blog. If you don’t want these email notifications, you can just ignore this message, or click the Decline link below.

    If you want to stop receiving comment email notifications for this blog, you can click the opt-out link here or in any of the notification emails.

    Maintain Subscription

    1. Yep that is the exact same one I got. I couldn't find anything online either. Let's hope someone else knows something.

  2. It's a legit email. It has to do with the new privacy laws in Europe. If you don't remove and then manually re-add your email in your blogger comment subscription setting you won't get notifications for your blog. I think this is blogger trying to draw attention to that. I remembered to do it for my main blog, but not my side blog. The side blog sent me the email. The main one did not. I clicked and now the side blog is fixed. Not spam!!

    1. Yay! Thank you so much Dom! I'll go ahead and subscribe. I've been missing so many comments.

  3. I got an email a while ago (I guess this post is old) but yeah totally legit

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  5. I haven’t gotten one, maybe because I am new to blogging! I love your account!


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