Saturday, May 22, 2010

5-22-2010 - Donkey Day

Sorry I've missed Donkey Day but I've been so busy that I haven't been taking pictures. You'll like this one though. :) To befriend the skittish donkey I've been doing several things. I've been hand feeding treats. He wasn't very comfortable taking the treats in the next pictures because Chrome was climbing up my back and I was having to push him away which kept startling Zeppelin lol.

Look how he stretches to reach the treat.

He knocked it out of my hand and ate it off the ground lol.

Look at those sad Eeyore eyes. His face is finally shedding out dark. Takes a lot longer than a horse to shed!

I've been holding his bucket while he eats his feed twice a day.

He lets me pet his nose a little.

He's getting much better at it especially if I'm sitting down.

Zeppelin is getting a bit nippy about treats, but he's so gentle I took the chance to get cute pictures!

I LOVE this adorable grimace!

In this one he's snorting. Too cute! Look how puffed up his mouth is lol.

I think Zeppelin is embarrassed. :D


  1. Bless him, I just love those donkey ears! You are really making progress with him, I think the holding the feed bucket is such a great idea :)

  2. Zep is so adorable. I am glad you are being patient to let him come out of his shell. I am sure that having a big doofus like Chrome always jumping around maybe keeps Zep a bit circumspect.



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