Saturday, May 29, 2010

Carrot Tryouts

Picture taken 4-19-2010.

I finally got motivated to do some clicker training with Chrome again and I decided to try the carrots out. I have two things I really need to work on. Fly spray and hoof care. I didn't feel like working on the fly spray so I decided to work on him letting me hold his feet up for increasing amounts of time. He's been good about picking up his front hooves, but I've had problems with his rear hooves. I'm starting on the front to let him know what we're working on. After I have him balancing, holding his hoof and relaxing I'll introduce the trimming tools like the nippers and rasp. Then I'll move on to the back hooves.

He did pretty well. At first he was moving around a lot but then he realized what I wanted and was offering his hoof pretty well. He does back up to pick up his hoof though. I don't know if that's a balance issue or if he's confused what I'm asking for. If anyone has clicker trained hoof work I'd appreciates some tips. :D

Unfortunately midway through the session my neighbor stopped by with his grandchildren to look at our chickens. While they were watching the chickens I went back to working with Chrome, but I felt totally self conscious because I was wearing my ugliest shorts, tank top and muck boots! I wasn't expecting an audience! So after they left my brain was all over the place. I did some backing practice and he did great!! He was going three steps back very quickly and eagerly.

Then I went back to the hoof work. While asking him to pick up his hoof he reached his head down between his front legs being a pest. I totally should not have rewarded it but it was cute so I did! I had him reach between his legs several times and then had him reach around and touch his sides. So now we have vertical and lateral flexion lol! Cool!

When I went back to the hoof work he started spitting out the carrots. I still don't think he really likes them. At that point I called it quits and put the rest of them in his feed. It went decent considering the interruption I guess. I'll try again tomorrow. :) Or maybe later.


  1. Chrome,
    You really need to work on getting your feet handled. I know it can be embarrassing when your human is dressed like a dork, but try to ignore that and practice balancing on three leggies.


    P.S. Please send any unwanted carrots to my estate for disposal.

  2. Hey, it sounds like you did some good work. even if you were interrupted, you had some successes!

  3. Good work! I completely go to pieces if I have an audience and feel like a muppet when I'm training, even if I'm in my best clothes, lol! :D

  4. Good job--keep it up. It's made the biggest difference with Ranger, and he has physical issues. The bug spray is easier--check out my blog on it.


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