Saturday, October 22, 2011

Photo Shoot

I went to my husband's class the other day because they were having a discussion on photography. I enjoyed it and learned a lot. :D He mentioned using a self timer to shoot the moon at night so that the camera doesn't get moved and that reminded me that I've never used my self timer before. I've been wanting to get more pictures of me and Chrome together for a while and my husband wasn't home so I tried it out. Some of them turned out crappy because of the lighting, but Chrome was so cooperative!! He was such a good boy. I was running to the camera and running up to him because I only had ten seconds to set up the shot and he was so great. I'm so proud of him. Let me know what you think.

These first shots I changed to black and white because I had the camera in the sun which caused my skin to be grossly washed out (overexposed). They are still washed out, but it's not as bad now.

I love the set up of this shot (above). I just wish it wasn't so over exposed.

The color version of the one above.

I love my boy. He was so patient. :)

The ones below I was using continuous shoot mode so that I could get shots with his ears forward, so the quality isn't fantastic. Oh well. I still think he's gorgeous.

This one makes him look so big. Remember I'm 5'11".

His expression is from a huge rock I threw over his back to get his attention. He was getting bored so I had to resort to tossing rocks to get his attention. :)

So what do you think? I wish the quality of the photos were better (perfectionist), but I'm so happy to have nice pictures of us together. I've always been so camera shy that I never had pictures of me with my pets so I'm trying to do better.


  1. I have so few pictures of my horses and I - it is always great to have a few! They are wonderful!


  2. The photos look great. I especailly love the ones of you sitting by his front legs. Gorgeous :)

  3. I'm impressed that Chrome stayed within frame without being tied while your were running back and forth. Those turned out great. I've been taking pictures of the shelter dogs without a tripod or remote shutter release, and about 60% of the photos turn out blurry, which is why I take so many. My studio has a lot of light, but apparently not enough even with the help of studio lights, so when the animals move, it causes blur. Next week I'm going to do things different by using the tripod and remote shutter release. I'm also going to set up some back lighting at the handler's request. It's fun to experiment with the different camera settings, equipment and lighting.

  4. More great photos. Try looking at Chrome next time.


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