Monday, October 24, 2011

Dirty Boy

My husband sent me a text yesterday while I was at work telling me that Chrome had rolled in the mud and was nasty! I was glad because I was having a bad day at work and grooming Chrome is so relaxing. So when the neighbor offered to bring the tractor over to move some bales of hay I went out to groom the boy. This is the first bales of hay they've had this year so far because the grass is dying back enough that they need some supplemental forage. Check out how gross he was . . .

Nasty (but gorgeous) Chrome sniffing the hay bale. Can't tell if he was really eager or leery lol.

It looks like he tried to cover every inch lol.

Faran was trying to hide between Chrome and the fence because of evil horse flies.

How do you like the final touches he added of hay to his mane/forelock?

It was even in his mane. It looked like dirt daubers tried to build a nest lol!

So I got busy brushing the boy and my arm was tired when I finished. He looked better though . . .

At one point the flies chased them into the trees. I could hear them galloping back in my direction so I hid behind a tree, set my camera to continuous shoot and hoped for some awesome galloping pictures. I got some of the other two as well, but I'll post them later.

Cantering along, totally oblivious to my presence . . .

. . . finally catches sight of me . . .

. . . and sort of goes sideways, but keep cantering by . . .

. . . not a huge spook, but he's so cute doing it lol.

He looks like he's skipping. :)

And some more random fun shots below . . .

I missed a smudge by his eye.

Scratching his leg with a mouthful of hay lol!

I like this one how the hay is raining down on the camera.

Yummy hay.

That's all for today. I meant to post this yesterday, but my computer was acting up.


  1. He was a muddy boy, I bet it was tiring getting him all cleaned up. He sure is a handsom boy!

  2. Chrome is so gorgeous!! Great photos!
    There is something comforting about grooming your horse after a hard day :)

  3. Chrome is fabulous! Looking at the photos on your previous post he is going to be literally worth his weight in gold - bombproof and sensible combined with movement to die for! You are very lucky and you're doing a wonderful job!!!


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