Monday, October 17, 2011

The rest of the competition trail ride pictures . . .

Okay, here are the rest of the pictures. They aren't great quality because of the time of day, but they're still fun. :)

Getting her number put on. This pony, Shotgun, was twenty years old and absolutely adorable!

This roan is gorgeous! I didn't catch her name, but she's four and inexperienced.

Coaxing Shotgun to cross the bridge, which he did eventually.

Shotgun has an awesome trot!

I was happy to see someone riding bitless . . . although I think mechanical hackamores can be just as harsh in the wrong hands.

Shotgun carrying the bags of leaves. Boy these bags sure caused some drama. There was even a horse who got loose when his owner pushed the matter instead of bowing out of this obstacles. Fortunately the area was fenced so the horse was caught easily.

I like how chunky this horse is, but he looked tense . . . not just in this photo.

Look at his cute little tongue. :)

I think one of the hardest obstacles, at least for the humans, was having to use a stick to pick up a hat . . .

Definitely an obstacle where having a tall horse was a disadvantage.

She hated her bit.

Much happier with her halter on. :)

One of my favorite pictures from the day.

My favorite picture of the day. :) The woman said to hold on tight and when the little girl squeezed with all her might she pretended like she couldn't breathe. So cute!

I tried to get at least one picture of all seventeen entrants and one on each obstacle, but the horses were going on the course together so I couldn't manage to get all of them. We had to stay behind a certain line too and I couldn't see some of the obstacles. A bunch of the pictures didn't turn out because of branches in the way, too bright sun, etc. Oh well. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about what we need to work on. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


  1. I love that pony. He is worth his weight in gold...

  2. I know you were disappointed that you couldn't ride in it but I think it is SO helpful to go to an event as a spectator before going as entrant. That way at least one of you knows what to expect the next time. Great photos BTW!

  3. I love Shotgun! Great name for a pony. It looks like fun was had by all! Too bad you couldn't ride in it. I competed in lots of trail classes back in the day, always fun!

  4. Great photo shoot. Looks like a challenging competition. Gives me some good ideas for practice.


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