Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We Got Dapples!

Guess who has dapples!!

Nope, not my going gray Chrome . . .

My solid black Faran has dapples!! :D Check them out.

My hubby is standing slightly downhill and makes Faran look HUGE! He's 16hh for those who may not know and hubby is almost 5'11".

Can you tell he loves his horse? Another size comparison, my husband has a six foot arm span!

The dapples are also on his haunches. :)


  1. Two handsome tall fellas. Love Faran. There is something about his demeaner that seems so quiet and calming. Is that way off?

  2. He has them everywhere! Too cute!

  3. Love that head shot of Faran! He is a lovely guy :)

  4. Cole has dapples this time of year, too, but not nearly as spectacular as Farans!


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