Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chrome's First Walk After Gelding/Castration - Video!

I took Chrome for his first walk this morning since he was gelded/castrated yesterday. He did great! He was reluctant at times with his ears back and his tail switching from side-to-side so I think he is feeling some discomfort. He's so stoic about it though so it's hard to tell how much pain he's in. I wish there was something I could do for him. I know horses are tough because showing weakness in the wild could get them killed. Millions of horses have been gelded though so he will be fine. Once this is past he will be so much better off. :)

Our shadows as we walk up from the pasture together.
My shadow makes me look fat lol.
Well my coat does anyway.

Hubby went with us and took the dogs.
Gotta love multitasking.

He did some yawning. Silly boy always does that though.

Reluctant to walk at times, but that was partly due to Faran neighing at him lol.

Watching Faran.

Checking out a puddle and of course he stepped over the rope and pulled it out of my hand right into the mud lol.

Check out this video of our walk.

When we got back from the walk Chrome and Zeppelin were playing together. Chrome was cantering and trotting around and playing bitey face with him. I'm glad he's doing so well but I cringe watching him lol. I'll keep everyone updated. :D


  1. Cute photos :) He's definitely going to be a bit sore after being gelded but it sounds like his recoverys going well.

  2. Yep, it looks like he's taking it all in stride. I am fascinated by the way his color changes every time I see photos of him. It looks to me that he might end up being a dapple gray? Of course I've been know to be wrong before...(I love dapple gray by the way)

  3. Ruffles, thank you! Chrome appears to have a very high pain tolerance. When his hock swelled up and the vet was digging around in the puncture wound he pick up his leg a little, but didn't act overly concerned. He's such an awesome boy. :)

    Mary, I love watching how his color changes!! When I was a kid I always said I would never have a gray because they are so hard to clean (not to mention my favorite horse color is black lol), but I never thought about all of the in between stages. :) I'm really, really hoping he will dapple out. Some horses actually skip the dappling stage sadly, but I really hope he doesn't. I'll be taking lots and lots of pictures so you can watch as he changes colors too.


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