Monday, November 7, 2011

First Trip Across The Highway

I was goofing around with Chrome out in the pasture the other day while my husband chatted with our neighbor. We ran around a little and then my husband gave me a leg up so I could lay across his back. He couldn't care less. He was more interested in schmoozing with our neighbor, who is a little intimidated by horses. Then I realized I hadn't been laying across his right side and I don't want him to be one-sided, so I switched. He did well on this side too at first and then got a little antsy and tried to scoot away from me. He didn't really try to dump me or leave or anything. I held on until he stopped moving his feet and then slid off. No big. I think he was just bored and impatient.

Then we decided to take him to the highway for the first time since we will unfortunately have to ride down them at times in the future. I cut across our ditch and he jumped it lazily. Check out this sequence, he is so cute.

Hubby got too far ahead with the camera a little, but they are still adorable.

Check out the fall colors. :D

Chrome loves sniffing the pavement where the neighbor's horses poop on the road while trail riding.
His haunches look tiny because of the angle lol. He's growing withers finally. :)

We're buddies, hanging out.

Approaching the highway he was more intrigued/wary of the neighbor dog than the traffic.

Checking out the highway. I really like this picture. :)

I think he did awesome. Like I said he was more interested in dogs and poop than the highway or traffic. :) Check out the video.

Like the title of the post says, this was his first time crossing a highway so it was his first time seeing the lines painted on it. He stepped over them like he thought they were poles or holes, but he never hesitated. I'm so proud of him. Probably more than is necessary, but my pony growing up was terrified of the lines so to me it's big lol. He's such a good, laid back boy.


  1. Good job to both of you. That Chrome. No worries for him as long as you are by his side.

    Mango Momma

  2. Your calm demeanor seems to set the tone. Good Job Chrome!!

  3. I had a horse who had an issue with lines, too. Same as you, when I introduced Cole to lines, I was worried, and he only stepped a little higher.

    Glad the highway trip went well, and I love the photos.


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