Monday, November 28, 2011

All Good!!

We're back and everything went great! Chrome was such a good boy (well except for loading back onto the trailer to come back home, but I don't blame him) and I LOVE this vet. I'll be back in a bit with details, pictures and even video! He let us videotape the whole procedure. :) I'll be back. Thanks guys for you advice and encouragement.


  1. Yay! Just take him on some long walks to keep him moving and as long as the swelling does not increase after the 3rd day you should be fine.

    I freaked about the amount of swelling I saw initially with my boy, but I called my vet and he said that as long as each side of the sheath did not swell more than a tennis ball ( 8-O ) that he was fine. I can't imagine walking around with two tennis ball sized swellings and being okay. But, it never got past that size and he was totalyl fine and not showing any signs of discomfort after a week.

    Defenitely the best thing I ever did for him (besides rescuing him of course!)!

  2. Thank you for your comment and advice!! I couldn't imagine walking around with tennis ball sized swellings either, but Chrome's testicles were the biggest I've seen on a two year old so I guess he's used to it LOL. I bet he'll be missing them though.


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