Saturday, November 5, 2011

Smart Chrome!

Picture from 6/11.

I'm sitting at work, bored and too frustrated to write in my novel for NaNoWriMo, so I thought I would share a story that happened yesterday. My husband went out to feed the horses and they were nearby under their favorite persimmon tree. As soon as they saw him Faran trotted up for his breakfast, but Chrome stayed standing by the fence and Zeppelin was close to him.

Chrome pricked his ears forward when my husband called him, but he refused to move so hubby walked out there to see what was going on. Apparently one of the smooth pieces of wire that we used to patch a hole in the fence came loose (bet you can't guess how lol) and was circling his rear legs. It didn't have barbs and wasn't tight so it didn't cause any damage, but he was smart enough to know that he shouldn't try to wrestle his way out of it. My husband unwrapped the wire and secured it back to the fence. As soon as Chrome was free he trotted to his bucket to eat his breakfast. Such a smart boy!!


  1. What a smart horse!! Not many horses have the sense to stand there for that. I know Ritchie would probably freak if the wire even touched his leg. (Although he has some impressive scars from getting stuck in a wire fence).

  2. Glad Chrome waited patiently for help. Yep, he's a smarty.

  3. His "smarts" just saved him and you a whole lot of pain and worry. Good for Chrome for thinking rather than just reacting!

  4. Oh my! That could've have ended up so many different ways, I am glad everythng is ok. Smart boy!

  5. That is a clever chap. Well done.

    Mango Momma

  6. Wow - he has common sense :) Good for Chrome! My daughter's best friend had to have her horse put down a yr ago because of a similar situation that her horse fought to free himself from.


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