Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chrome's Monthly Progress Report

I didn't get the angle right because I was in a hurry
and I took the picture with him tied up instead of on the road.

Date: 11-19-11
Age: 30 Months
Height: 15.1½hh
Height Gain: Approximately a quarter of an inch. He's now approximately half an inch away from 15.2hh. Do you think he'll make it before he's three?
Weight: The weight tape says 890lbs still. ETA: Using an online calculator he weighs 1010lbs. See next post for more info.
Weight Gain: The weight thing is weird. Of course I've read somewhere that the weight tape isn't completely accurate in young, growing horses. And if he did grow upward maybe he just didn't grow outwards. Of course a weight tape is only as accurate as you make it. I tried measuring in several places and some of them said even less, so I don't know for sure.

Progress: The only progress I've made is making an appointment for gelding him lol. Since my vet didn't call me back for two and a half weeks I finally scheduled it with another vet. It's set for the 28th. Other than that I've been so busy with NaNo that I haven't had time to do much. I did teach him to back up with a light pull of his tail. :)

Goals: Get him gelded and have both of us survive the experience LOL! I don't know why I'm so nervous.

P.S. I know the halter is too loose. I was in a hurry and didn't notice it until I took the picture. Funny what a camera will make you notice lol. I did fix it after the picture.


  1. I just watched the video of his sire, Jan. What came to mind was a quote I read yesterday "If it's not a Friesian, it's just a horse". LOL I have a half Friesian in training and the manager Kate and James have a Friesian/Arab mix at our barn. She is tall and beautiful. I will have to do a post on her sometime soon. Your three fascinate me as I adore donkeys, have and love Friesians and really like Percheron horses. As far as growing, all I know is they can grow up until 7. My gelding is a bit downhill still and I really hope he grows so his shoulders are a bit taller than his rump. But that would make him 16.1 or so and I didn't really want that tall of a horse. I know he will fill out, still. Your guy looks very elegant. How tall are you hoping he reaches?

  2. Agreed that the weight tape is more of a guide, you can take his measurements to get a more accurate guess of his weight if that helps? I use the calculator at Smartpak

  3. Margaret, I'm so happy I found your blog. I love reading about other Friesian crosses. :) Your guy is gorgeous! I like that quote. Definitely true in my opinion. I would love to see a post about the Friesian Arab. She's very pretty. I bet your guy will grow some more at his age, hopefully not too much though since you wanted a shorter horse lol. I'm hoping Chrome reaches 16hh at minimum. I don't want him to be enormous because then you have trailer fit, blanket fit and saddle fit issues, but I am 5'11" so I definitely hope he reaches 16hh. :)

    Appy, thank you soooo much for sharing that link. It is definitely helpful.

  4. I'm thinking that maybe the website of the owner might have more of an explanation on Kleo (the 1/2 arab/friesian mix. It is
    They also have a Facebook page.


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