Sunday, September 28, 2014

Confessions Of The Worst Dressage Queen Ever

Shannon at A Work in Progress made a post confessing the reasons she considers herself the worst dressage queen ever.  I'm not surprised a lot of my answers were the same hehe.  She can't make it a blog hop because she's posting on her phone, but if you want to join go for it (LINK)!

Here are my confessions.

I actually like bling brow bands, but other than that I don't care what brand my tack is and the simpler the better.  :)

I have never clipped a horse and probably never will (not ears, whiskers, nothing).

I ride in jeans when not in a dressage saddle.  In a dressage saddle it rubs my legs raw, so I have to wear breeches (my riding tights are cooler in the summer anyway).  I did start wearing breeches in my Aussie saddle to see if it would help my swinging legs at the posting trot, but I didn't notice much of a difference so for winter I'll probably be back to jeans (or .... sweat pants.... the horror!).

My horse (and donkey) live outside 24/7 and I never blanket.  They have a run in shed and free choice hay.  If they are cold they can get their butts in the barn lol.  I have dried Chrome off with towels when he was shivering before though.

I rarely bathe.  It's usually when I'm bored.  I probably will have to get over that when he turns gray...  I will rinse them off when it's hot though.

I cut all of Chrome's mane off since he tears it out because of his sweet itch.  I pulled it once to see if I liked it and will probably never do it again because it makes it too thin and like Shannon said it has to hurt.

So there you have it.  Do you have any confessions?  Are you a dressage queen?


  1. I think I am a failure too! :)

    The nice things about Friesians is they prefer you don't trim anything. In fact, new rules don't even let you trim ears or whiskers. Which I am all for!

    Monty and Harlow

  2. I'm a horrible dressage queen. I will definitely jump on this bandwagon :)

  3. Never done dressage in my life, but I definitely don't fit the mold of "perfect horse owner" either. The closest Skeeter gets to a "bath" is getting hosed off when it's hot and then being encouraged to roll in the dirt. I'd rather her be covered in dried mud than fight her over the fly spray (yes, I know it's a training issue, but for her fly spray isn't necessary, it's a luxury).


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