Saturday, September 20, 2014

Introducing Chrome to clippers for the first time (video).

Chrome's mane is getting long again and after watching the cute little roached polo ponies I wanted to roach Chrome's again.  I have a pair of electric clippers that I bought really cheap for shaving my husband's hair because I lost his good ones in the move, but when I found them the cheap pair got used to clip my mom's dog.  So I decided to use it to shave Chrome's mane, which would be so much easier than using scissors.  He's never seen clippers ever and this was his reaction.

If you watch his body language he was definitely tense, but he stayed calm.  He backed up a few times when I held it near his nose at first (it has a really quiet buzz that sounded like a bee or those bot flies, so he didn't like it), but he eventually stopped even doing that.  Since he was tense I only played with them for about two minutes.  I want to keep the sessions short and sweet.  The bad news is the clippers are so dull they wouldn't cut his hair lol.  I really didn't feel like using scissors so his mane will stay as it is for now.  :)

P.S.  Sorry for the cell phone video.  Since my camera is dead you'll have to put up with cell phone pictures and videos for a while.


  1. For that being his first experience with the clippers, I would say that he handled it a lot better than many other horses I've seen! Go, Chrome!

  2. What a good boy! Dull or not, you can still use them to desensitized him to the noise and vibration. I would keep working on it with him a little bit every grooming session until he is totally used to the noise. Then when you have a sharp blade it will be a non issue to actually cut the hair. :-)

  3. If Chrome is anything like Bombay, he'll be begging for the clippers eventually. Bombay loves the vibration on his muzzle.

  4. Thanks guys! I will definitely keep working on it. Those clippers need to come in useful somehow lol.

    Nuz, I've often thought Chrome and Bombay had a lot in common, so you're probably right! :D


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