Saturday, September 27, 2014

September's Ten Questions

L. over at Viva Carlos did a fun questionnaire and I thought I would join since I have nothing to write about... I was out of town at a friend's the last two days riding her horses and wishing I was riding mine.  :/  While there, I saw a horse put her head through the roof of a fiberglass horse trailer.... needless to say I'm traumatized even though she was fine... it makes me never want to put Chrome on a trailer again.

Anyway here are the questions.

1. Is there something you don't like about your riding? Mainly just that I don't ride often enough... I wish I were more consistent....  also I could use a confidence boost really bad.  :)

2. Does your horse buck? Not really... so far... but he's green LOL!  He crowhops a bit at the canter, but that's all so far.  I think it's just because of his stifles.  While out playing he can throw some masterful rodeo bucks so I hope I never experience them undersaddle!

3.  Is your horse head shy? Nope.  Sometimes in the summer when the bugs are bad he won't want his ears touched, but the rest of the time I can scratch down in them or pull on them.  I can touch his entire face.  I play with his lips all the time.  Seriously this horse has a right to be head shy as much as I pick on him.  So tolerant.  :D

4.  Favorite barn chore to do? My favorite horse related chore is grooming.  It's so relaxing.  When I was working at the dressage barn my favorite chore was taking the horses out.  The pastures were set up with runs so we could just turn them out of their stalls and watch them gallop back out.  I love watching galloping horses.  :)  I also loved setting up for shows!

5.  How many times do you ride a week? Er... see my answer to number one.  Sometimes I don't ride for a month (or more) and sometimes I ride four times a week.  I try to only ride Chrome every other day so he has a recovery day and doesn't get sour, but eventually he will have to learn to work multiple days in a row when he's fitter.
6.  Who is your favorite pro rider? Uh...  I don't compete and I don't have T.V. so I really have no idea who the pros are these days...  I'm lame I know!

7.  If one pro rider could train you for one day who would it be? I just want a lesson from my trainer!!  I'm easy to please!

8.  Favorite facial marking? I love snips.  Love them!  Especially with a star.  A star/snip combo is probably my favorite.  I probably prefer solid faces the most though.  I don't like a lot of white on faces, especially over the eyes.

9.  Leg markings or no leg markings? For a horse that I own I don't want any leg markings at all.  For just admiring at a distance I LOVE four even white socks.  :D

10.  Ever broken anything falling off? Not yet... really dreading the day that happens.  I did have a horse fling her head back into my face when I had braces though... that wasn't pretty!


  1. Trying to fill blogging gaps is why I do them :)

  2. Yes they are very helpful so thank you!!!

  3. Ugh, I'm with you on riding inconsistently!


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