Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Chrome loves cold weather! Lots of videos!

This post is going to be basically all videos so get ready hehe.  First up is one of Chrome goofing off.

The next one is of his awesome trot (in slow motion too).  I can't wait to see what his trot looks like when he actually has muscle and knows how to use himself.  At the most extended part in this video it looks like he has an overreach of a foot!

Next up is one of him getting his supper.  You can see how nosy and excited he is, but he's not pushy.  :)  You can also see how my gate has poles and panels on both sides, so my post about opening the gate from his back will make more sense lol.

Last we have one of Zep and the goats playing king of the hill.  It starts out a little boring, but the end is awesome!

The goats love Zep!  I've been trying to get it on video, but I never have the camera and they are so easily distracted, but they like to head butt him and climb on him.  He seems to love it and will play back.  They all nap together too.  This was the first time I've seen him run them off.

When we put out a new bale of hay the other day the white goat got in the hay ring and I was able to trap him.  Hubby took the old collar off that he was wearing when we got him.  He said it was pretty tight!  They've put on a lot of weight since coming here.  :)

Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed the videos and I hope you're all staying warm.  I haven't been riding because I hurt my back again over the weekend, but it's feeling better today so maybe I can brave the cold soon for a ride.

P.S.  Check out the contest over at Owl's Approve!


  1. Oh I love him! You can *so* see the Arab in him. (movement, tail flagging) He's such a handsome boy! I miss the days when the horse was young and so full of energy! Daatje is all about energy conservation now. :) Nothing in the world worth getting all worked up about. Makes for pretty boring pony-watching. I love how white his tail is. Such a lovely shade of grey.

    1. Hehe he's all about energy conservation when it's hot but when it gets cold he just can't help himself lol. Thanks for watching the videos!

  2. wow.... that TROT indeeed!! he's a beauty :)

  3. Chrome love him!!!
    That trot is sooo AWSOME!!!


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