Saturday, January 3, 2015


I know I just did a blog hop, but I have nothing else to write since it's raining and I'm stuck indoors, so here is the next installment in Beka's blog hop:  Fave.
What is your horse's absolute favorite thing?  Outside of riding!  Are there treats that instantly convert your pony into an addict or liniments that leave him yawning and chewing?  What does your horse just love to have?

If I had to pick Chrome's favorite thing I would have to say attention.  Seriously he LOVES attention and hates being ignored.  He's definitely a people horse, pocket pony, whatever you want to call him.  Even when no food is involved if he sees or hears me outside he comes to the gate and nickers to me.  He loves food, treats, clicker training, scratches, grooming, going for walks, riding, getting his picture taken, even having his blanket put on or dressing up for pictures.  As long as I'm paying attention to him, he's happy.  :)  There are definitely things he doesn't like, such as yelling, longeing, etc. so not all attention is good attention to him like some horses.  He doesn't like to be wrong or to get in trouble.  However if I had to choose between the things he does enjoy I have a hard time choosing because he's just happy if he is being fawned all over (although treats and grooming are at the top of his list.. oh and his salt block is at the top too).  :D  I've never had a horse who eagerly meets me at the gate with a nicker every time he sees me.  Even if I have a halter or bridle in hand or my helmet on my head, he still meets me.  He even shoves his head into the halter.  :)  Here are some pictures of him enjoying attention.

 He LOVED his pedestal!  I need to make a new one!

 The underside of his neck is his favorite itchy spot.
He makes the silliest faces.

 "Oh you're watching me eat hay?  Okay I'll pose for you!"

 Nap time hugs.  He was laying down.

 "You're taking a picture of me right? How cute am I??"

 "You're leaving??  Would this convince you to stay?"

 He loves feet hehe.  He will chew on all shoes!

 "Get away Faran!  She's mine!"

 I had to let him lick my hand to keep him out of the way for a picture of me and Faran.

 Whispered conversations with hubby.

 "Did I get dirty enough?  I'm still cute though!"

 Even for deworming, no halter or lead needed.

 "If you don't get up and pay attention to me I'll rub my head all over you until you fall over."

 "You're supposed to be paying attention to me!"

 Salt block love.

 I swear he goes into a salt coma.

 "May I play with the bow some more?"

 "Get off the computer and pay attention to me!"

"Christmas selfies are so fun!!  Duck face everyone!"

P.S.  One of his other favorite things is picking on the donkey hehehe.

Zep starts it though!!


  1. love this! loved looking at all the pictures! he sure loved being in front of the camera, but thats understandable with such good looks ;D

  2. Love the pictures! He's such a cutie

  3. Now that I know about this attention mongering thing, I'm thinking Chrome is more like Gabbrielle than Bombay. She follows me everywhere and sticks her muzzle in my face for kisses. I love that you had to let him lick your hand behind your back to keep him out of the picture.

    1. Hehe me too. I love that picture! Ahh so Gabrielle is your attention seeker! That's too funny. It might partly be a young horse thing too. :) I hope neither of them grows out of it though. I like affectionate horses.

  4. Just wanted to say I think you should just quickly hop on Chrome, even just for a 45-second walk, since your fall. Don't go for an actual ride, but I think it would be mentally good to just pop on him quickly. Otherwise, it might be really hard to get back on if you wait a long time. I know it's not easy! But you also don't want a big mental hurdle for you down the road! :-)

    1. I've thought about this and I don't think it will be a problem. I'm not really afraid to get back on (especially with tack) because I know he won't do anything. I could feel that he was very up that night and I ignored it. I won't be ignoring warning signs ever again. So I'm not afraid to ride. Between the rain and my back pain I haven't been able to ride, but I'm hoping to change that soon. The ground is so frozen now that I can't longe him, so I'll just ride. You guys will be the first to know when I get back on. My back is feeling much better if I don't twist wrong or lift really heavy things so it should all be good soon. :)

  5. What a character, Nancy greets me everyday with a neigh too - they are such twinsies ♡

  6. He's so cute! I love that pedestal picture - I think standing on one will be Jethro's next trick!

    1. You should totally do it!! You can teach them to put all four hooves on it too and it's really great for stretching their backs. It's like an exercise ball and yoga for horses hehe.

  7. He's so adorable. So very adorable.

  8. this is so sweet - i love horses that are really into interacting with us, and Chrome is just such a cuddle bug!! love the pedestal pic too - definitely make another one!!!

    1. Me too! They are the best! I will definitely make a new pedestal. I was going to get my old one, but my renter is using it with her two year old and it's so good for them I don't want to take it away. I just have to find time to make a new one. I'm thinking of different ways to do it this time too so that it is more stable, so I don't mind doing a new one. :)


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