Sunday, February 22, 2015

More ice!

Just an update so you know I'm still alive.  I did end up with bronchitis and it's been icy outside so I haven't done any riding.  We switched cell phone plans to something cheaper and I got a free refurbished cheapie phone with the plan since my old one was dying (it never rang... even with the volume all the way up... annoying!).  This phone is cheaper quality than my old one, but it actually has a better camera.  The light was low today so a lot of them came out blurry, but still not bad (even with my lazy, poorly done editing).  I took it with me when we put out a new bale of hay earlier today and snapped these pictures.

My handsome, constant companion Jackal.

 Chrome greeting me enthusiastically at the gate.

 Zep being a camera hog.  :D

 White goat being confident and cute!

 Brown goat was friendly as well, but way too close for pictures
so I snapped this one when he moved away from me.

 A picture of all four of them LOL!
P.S. I didn't have treats, but they were drawn to me for some reason.

 So cute! First picture of the three all together that I've ever gotten.

As I took the above picture Chrome came up behind me...

 ...and hovered, so I snapped this one above my head.

When we were trying to get the hay the tractor got stuck... there's been a LOT of rain and ice and it sunk in a gopher hole... :(  We finally got it out with the truck, but we couldn't put the hay in the barn because we would have gotten stuck again.  So we put it out in the pasture with the hay ring around it.  I really don't like putting it out in the rain and ice, but Chrome has a blanket now so he won't freeze to death while eating.

 He was wound up with all the vehicles moving around the pasture.
 Not bad trot picture for a cell phone. 
 I love that this phone has no delay at all in picture taking!

Chrome enjoying his new hay bale.  
Jackal looks like he's eating it too hehe.

We put it on top of an old pile to hopefully protect it from the wet ground a little.  :)  Later toward dusk it started snowing.  It was so pretty, but I was eating supper.  By the time I went outside to get video, it had turned to sleet.  The sleet was coming down hard but it doesn't show up on the video at all.  Darn!

Anyway here's a short (I sound annoying) video of Chrome coming when called and me putting the blanket (that really needs washed!) on him.  He knows what his blanket means now and stands patiently with no halter on while I put it on him.  He even tries to help do up the straps for me normally (he didn't this time because the weather had him on edge).

Anyway I'll be scarce while I get over this bronchitis and while the weather is crappy.  I hope you all are doing well.


  1. aww sorry you're sick - feel better soon! your pics of the whole herd are adorable tho! glad to see the goats have warmed up to you all :)

    1. Thank you! The bronchitis isn't actually bothering me that much, it's the antibiotic that makes me feel like crap. I hate taking antibiotics and normally don't take them for bronchitis, but I've been exposed daily for hours to several people with walking pneumonia and who knows what else, so I thought better safe than sorry lol. Regretting the decision though because it makes me feel so awful. Oh well. Only three more days of taking the antibiotic and then things will get back to normal. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures! I'm so happy the goats have warmed up to us too. As skittish as they were, I was beginning to wonder if they ever would.

  2. Glad your new phone takes good pics, in better news I am getting a new phone as well so I may actually be able to take pics as well! My old phone's lens is extremely scratched so the pics are extremely hazy. Feel better soon!

    1. Yay new phone, more pictures! Yay! I'm excited hehe. :D

  3. Zep & the goats are adorable! Get well soon!

    1. Thank you! I'm feeling much better already. Just so ready to be done with these nasty antibiotics. :\

  4. Bummer you've been sick! I got a nasty cold that had me down all last week. This winter has been the worst ever! (or that I can remember anyway). Chrome is so handsome and your dog, just lovely! I want the donkey and goats!!! What a fabulous crew. :)

    1. Thank you!!! I'm glad you're feeling better. I am too. It has been a really bad year for illnesses it seems like.

  5. Sorry to read you've been under the weather, hope you're well on the road to recovery as i continue my blog catch up reading *hugs*
    Ps congrats on the new phone, always fun getting to grips with new technology. Bonus it takes cool photos *thumbsup*

    1. Thank you! I am feeling much better. :) Yes I'm very happy my new phone takes nice pictures. It has a couple of things I don't really care for, but at the price I'm totally not complaining!!


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