Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Nighttime playing in the snow!

I was getting ready for bed and remembered that I forgot to check to see if FedEx had come.  We have a long driveway with a gate, so they always leave our stuff up there.  The only problem is they sometimes leave stuff on wet ground and we are covered in ice...  So I went outside and to my amazement it was snowing!!!  Big, fat, beautiful flakes were coming down heavy.  It was the dry, crunchy snow that I love to walk in and that makes perfect snowballs mwahahaha!  It was so magical!  We rarely get snow, so to me it's fun and exciting whenever we get it.  I was beginning to think we weren't getting any this year besides the recent dusting of ice.

The crazy thing is that it lasted for about twenty minutes while I was out playing in it, then it stopped as I walked toward the house.  When I checked the weather website there was no mention of snow.  Nothing in the forecast, nothing on the radar.  Yet there is half an inch of crunchy, beautiful snow covering our layer of ice outside!  It felt so special and magical that I happened to go outside at that moment and got to see the snow.  :D

Beware the monsters in the dark!

Jackal went too hehe.  Then I went out to see Chrome...

He was happy to see me as always!

 Although maybe not so thrilled with the flash.  Sorry Chrome!

 So cute!! 

 Zep is invisidonkey!

 I actually got a shot that kind of shows how much weight Jackal has lost!

 I put some hay out on the snow because Chrome wasn't sharing.

Of course he chased Zep away... dork.  After he realized he wasn't going to starve he let Zep share.  Aren't they cute??????  The goats were in the barn where it's dry with a whole round bale of hay all to themselves lol.  They are smarter than they look!  ;)

Anyway I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the snow sticks around long enough for me to get pictures in the daylight in the morning!!  It's supposed to get above freezing so it won't stick around long.  I guess I have to get up early... night!


  1. Invisidonkey is an awesome capture ♡♡♡
    Hope it's still around for you to play with in the morning!

  2. night time snow is magical. I love the quietness that comes with big fat flakes. I just don't care for blizzards.

  3. Yay! Snow! I'm with you in that we don't get it often so I'm like a little kid watching it! LOL Critters look like they enjoyed it, if only to please you! Haha

  4. aww Chrome is so cute with his closed eyes lol. nice pictures, and sounds like a cool moment :) also - Jackal is looking goooood!!

  5. So cute with the closed eyes!! Your photos almost make me wish it snowed here. Almost.

  6. Haha, Chrome says "MA! TOO BRIGHT!" lol


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