Monday, February 23, 2015

More Pictures

Just some random snapshots from the GoPro video I took this morning.  The video was boring and I don't feel like uploading it, so I'll spare you guys and just share these snapshots.  Sorry for the poor quality.  We've gotten more snow and ice... this is such unusual weather for the south at this time of year.  Anyway I hope you enjoy them.  In the above picture he had his head turned away because the wind was blowing in his face.

 Trotting to me for his breakfast.  

He actually can cross underneath himself with his rear legs hehe.

 Pouring his feed in on top of the ice because I forgot to flip his bucket.
Can you see the flea-bites coming in around his eye?

 Yummy!  This is the bucket I feed him out of that I've mentioned before.

 Jackal has an awesome recall.  Coming at a dead run to me.  :)

 Silly goat.  You can actually see the snow coming down in this picture.

The action around the hay bale.

  Look at how long his mane has gotten!

That hay is better quality than it looks in the pictures lol.

 Yay Jackal is definitely developing a waist!

 For those who haven't seen pictures, this was him before his diet... FAT!

This was him about halfway between the two pictures above.

I'll try to get better dog pictures and post them on the other blog since this is supposed to be about horses hehe.  Well, that's all I have.  Sorry for being boring lately.


  1. These pics are definitely not boring!
    Well done on the weight loss for Jackal. Looking very sporty!

    1. Thank you! It's been a long road with Jackal, so I'm very happy with the progress he has made.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you!! It's been tough. Now that my grandparents don't have a cat he's at least not getting cat food, but it's so hard not to sneak him a bite of cheese (his favorite) every now and then. I'm so happy he's lost the weight though. I was getting worried about his health when he was so fat.

  3. A post with that many photos is never boring.

    To answer your questions...

    People do clip here just like back home as far as I can tell. I just don't understand why none of the Icelandics at that Icelandic farm are clipped. The two across the street from me sometimes are.

    I'd also like to know how Mell makes a living during quarantine.

    You asked if my horse's spookiness could be related to cycles - I don't think so because she'll change in the period of one outing from calm to terrified, and it has no relationship with whether I'm riding her or just taking her for a walk (so there's nothing touching her body causing her cycle-pain).

    I mentioned Chrome then hoped you wouldn't be offended. Even though you say he's become more reactive lately, he always looks so relaxed. Try, for me, just once, to get a picture of him looking actually nervous. *lol* (I know, that never works! This summer when we had the profi photographer out, we took the photographer's reflective disc and tried to spook her. She just stood there sleepily, til we let her on the pasture and brought that same reflector. Suddenly it was the monster. I never knew about reflectors, but I guess all profis use them to get light reflected from below or beside the subject and not just above, and to even out the light overall.)

    And our hay farmer only makes large bales, like many farmers it's more economical for them to do large only. This is why we've found no small bales this Winter: (

    1. Thanks for all the answers!! That's so weird how Mara can change from calm to crazy in the blink of an eye. Maybe she is bipolar?? I wish you could find a magnesium supplement for her. Maybe you can get one when you come back over here? Or will they confiscate it at the airport?

      I wasn't offended by you mentioning Chrome at all. I was honored hehe. I will try really hard to get a picture of him acting nervous. It might be hard though because it's usually when I'm on him and I'm not comfortable taking a picture then lol. :)

  4. Jackal is looking great!! Chrome too :)

  5. Now I get it! I've finally figured out I can not comment through my mobile phone. I was wondering why. Still not sure, but at least I know now it's got to be on the computer at home.
    Anyway, suppose it's some sort of senior moment issue.
    I'd just about given up.
    Too exhausted tonight to go on HaHa! Anyway, love to peek at all the pictures in the blog :)

    1. That's so weird that it won't let you comment on your phone!! I'm glad you figured it out because I enjoy your comments. :)


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