Monday, June 13, 2016

Chrome Ride 147 - 100 Ride Challenge Ride 33 - Rocky Ride 15 (with us) - Rocky's New Saddle Pad

I got home from work and was surprised to see a box from the post office.  I opened it up and there was a saddle pad inside!!  Not just any saddle pad, but one made specifically for treeless saddles.  :D  One of my blogger buddies Olivia from Do It Yourself Horse Ownership sent it to me for Rocky, since hubby is most comfortable and pain free in the treeless saddle.  Thank you Olivia!!!  I'll email you tomorrow.  So of course we had to try out the saddle pad and since hubby was hurting from work, I had to ride Rocky.

Us taking pictures of each other lol.
In the first picture if you look closely you'll see Rocky's tongue hehe.

I just found out I have to go in early to work tomorrow, so I need to get to bed asap.  That means there won't be many words in this post.  I rode Rocky for ten minutes and he was good.  He tested me a few times by trying to turn toward the barn, but it was nothing that was difficult to work through.

 Looking at hubby.

When I went out to the pasture to get Rocky Chrome tried to stick his head in Rocky's halter!!  Then while I was riding Rocky, Chrome was screaming and galloping around!  My spoiled brat seriously doesn't like to be left out.... his galloping around was starting to get Rocky stirred up, which is why his ride was so short.  I wanted to end on a good note and I didn't have the energy (soooo hot and humid!) to deal with a fight if it came up.  Since Chrome was practically begging to be ridden and since I'm falling behind on my 100 ride challenge, I obviously had to ride him too.

He didn't disappoint.  He was fun to ride.  He's such a goofball!

 Sniffing the t-posts leaning against the building.

Remember what I wrote in this post (LINK) about hubby clearing the sides of the driveway and a path into the woods??  I said it was a secret.  Well the picture above and the two below are more hints.... ;)

 He was fascinated by all our hard work in the woods.

You can kind of see a hint behind Rocky too.

 He was stretched out again.  He's so weird.

 He was so excited to be going out on the road.

 I love this picture that hubby got!!

 Chrome shaking his head because of flies.  They are relentless.

 He wasn't wanting to stand still because of the flies again,
so we had to work on a lot of lateral flexion to remind him to stand still.

 I just rode up and down in front of the property.  We didn't go anywhere.
I only rode him for 22 minutes.  I cantered him twice on the driveway, but the rest was walking.

 He still looks for the neighbor horses.

Then he's resigned that they aren't there anymore.  Poor guy.  He misses his neighbors.  I've been noticing he stands more square more often.  It used to be that he always stood with his rear legs apart.  He's also building some of those quad muscles he needs for his stifles.  His thighs don't dip in as much as they used to.  I wish it was easier to get a picture to show you what I mean, but it doesn't really show up in pictures at all.

I had fun even though it was a million degrees outside with eight hundred thousand percent humidity.  Now I have to hit the hay so I can get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow.  Night guys!

P.S.  I forgot to get pictures of the new saddle pad, but I will soon, I promise.


  1. Very cute pictures, so happy that you got a pad! Excited to see more pics of it too, I hope it works for your hubby

    1. I'll get more pictures as soon as the heat advisories go away lol.

  2. I'm glad the pad is working out for you.

    1. Thank you!! I really appreciate it so much!

  3. Is it a chicken yard?
    Or a goat yard, possibly?


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