Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New Gorilla Cart

Does anyone remember the Gorilla cart that I've mentioned on the blog before?  We bought it in 2009.  Here are some pictures of baby Chrome from winter of 09/10 checking it out.

 And Zep! 

 I can't believe these were taken six years ago...

So yeah, the handy dandy awesome gorilla cart has finally been replaced by a new model.  It has been the most handy thing I've ever bought and we used the heck out of it.  The reason I finally broke down and got a new one is because the handle had been stepped on by Chrome and bent was so that the grip no longer spun out of the way to attach to a four wheeler or lawn mower, something in the axle on the front broke so it could no longer be backed up by the handle (although it still pulls forward and the bed still dumps out) and finally it had been in the sun so much that it became brittle and the front plastic part of the bed broke a huge chunk out of it so it no longer carried a full load.  We are still using the old one, but it was definitely time to add a new one.  The new one will be nice and broken in by the time the old one breaks down haha.

 Mac should totally be their paid model!

I love it!  As soon as hubby put it together I started pushing it and jumping in it to ride around haha.  As my dad said... I'll never grow up.  :D  The newer model has a much wider frame and bed so it will be a lot less likely to turn over.  Mac makes it look small but he's three times the size of a purebred Yorkie so don't let it throw you off.  It has a 1200lb capacity too!  Here is the link if you're interested.  I really hope this one holds up as well and as long as the old one did.  I'm going to do better about keeping it in a barn (out of the sun) and not leaving it in the pasture where the horses can beat up on it this time.  :)

Here are some comparison pictures.  First the old one.

 You can see how the handle is bent in so the grip can't spin around anymore.

Now some side by sides comparisons (with my ultimate photobomber dog hehe).

I can't wait to start using the new one to see how it holds up!  Sometimes newer isn't better, but this one definitely looks very well built and sturdy.


  1. I see that Jackal prefers the old one. Probably has something to do with the smell. Ha ha. I like the design of it. My current wagon is so low to the ground that it dumps on a 45 degree angle instead of more straight up and down, which requires me to shake everything out. My husband was talking about getting a little cart for me to drive and pull the wagon when cleaning up manure so that I don't have to keep injuring my arms and legs, and I see this is designed to be hooked up as a trailer. I just wish it had solid tires. Tires with air in them get punctured right away around here.

    1. Awww that's too bad about the tires! I forgot about the thorns over there. Rats. This cart would be so perfect for you otherwise. It tips all the way vertical. I sometimes have to use my foot to scrape some stuff out of it, but most of it comes out. Well that's with the old one. I haven't tried dumping anything with the new one yet.


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