Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Chrome Ride 144 - 100 Ride Challenge Ride 30

I rode bareback with just Chrome's halter, for only twenty minutes.  I felt kind of off balance like the smallest of turns had me grabbing for mane (neck... he has no mane lol) that normally wouldn't throw me off balance.  My ears have been hurting so I may be getting an ear infection.  So I didn't ride for long.  We just wandered around the property at a walk.

 He still looks for the neighbor horses.

Exploring a path through the trees that hubby and dad made over the weekend.  Chrome thought that was super exciting lol.

I worked on backing with him a little bit.  He started out very resistant, but then he realized his leg wasn't going to get stuck so he dropped his head and backed four or five steps very easily, so I praised him big time and jumped off.  Not much to write about lol.

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