Thursday, May 19, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday Chrome!!!!! Chrome Ride 141 - 100 Ride Challenge Ride 27

Today was this gorgeous boy's seventh birthday!!!  How is he seven already??  Time flies when you're having fun I guess.  :D  After I got off work I rushed to ride because there was rain coming.  It was getting dark outside so these pictures are awful.  I sooooo can't wait to get a real camera again.  These cell phone pictures are killing me!

I held a peppermint in one hand and a sugar cube in the other hand and let Chrome choose which one he liked best.... he chose peppermint!  He then immediately scarfed the sugar cube too, obviously!

 Hubby caught Jackal with his tongue out hehe.

The weird lighting makes him look flea bitten in some pictures.  
I wish the sun had been out for his birthday...

 Kisses for the birthday boy!!  Hubby caught the photo right before we made contact lol.

I only rode around the yard for twenty four minutes.  We did lots of cantering though!! He was loving it!!  The pictures are horribly blurry because they are cell phone pictures....

 Warmed up at a walk first of course.  His stifles were good for the whole ride.

 The neighbors are always interesting...

 Then we did some trotting.  He was jumping into the trot!
It catches me off guard at first when he's so energetic (sugar high??).

I eventually settle into his rhythm though.

Then we cantered!  A lot!

I still get tense at the canter, but I didn't jerk his face off when he ducked his head and he didn't crowhop so we both did great hehe.  He was such a good boy and you could tell he was having so much fun.  I'll try to get better pictures on a sunny day for you guys.  These were the only good ones that weren't too horribly blurry.

We did more trotting.

 I love that he can go from trotting and cantering straight to a loose rein. :D

 Look at how much he's changed in four years!!!!!
My hair has grown a lot in four years too lol.
He was in full blown FFA mode in the picture from today....

 ...because he saw the hay tarps that we moved hehe.

 These last two pictures are so cute because he's like "what is that????" 
and then "oh yeah it's the tarps".  Silly boy!!

Sorry the pictures suck, but I had to share since it's his birthday.  :D


  1. He has grown into such a beautiful guy! You have done a wonderful job raising him :)

  2. Happy birthday Chrome! He sure has changed over the years

    1. He has! It's been so much fun watching him grow and change. :D

  3. Happy Birthday Chrome! He looks awesome! So mature - he has filled out so much.

    1. Thank you!! He does finally look all grown up. It took me sooooo long to stop thinking of him as a baby hehe.

  4. Happy birthday to Chrome!! He's looking great.

  5. I was going to say... look at how long your hair is now! Holy smokes. I used to have hair like that when I lived in a cooler climate. I remember watching a slide show of photos taken at a company retreat and when my image came up on the screen doing some kind of obstacle course, I heard someone gasp, "All that hair!" It was probably the bald guy in the back and he was just jealous. Ha ha. As usual, Jackal's photo made me laugh out loud. I just want to squeeze and squish him.

    1. Hehe that's so funny!! People are always blown away when they see it really long or really short depending on what they are used too. :) I don't think I could handle having this much hair in the desert. The only thing that gets me through the hot, humid summer here is having it in a braid and then rolling it up in kind of a hanging bun so it never touches my neck. :)

      Jackal would love the squeezing and squishing. He's such a lovebug. :D

  6. THAT TROT. That trot is fabulous!

    Happy 7!

    1. Awww thank you!! I always think that about your two. I'm glad to see Chrome has it in him too when he's not being lazy. ;)


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