Sunday, May 8, 2016

Chrome Ride 137 - 100 Ride Challenge Ride 23 - Rocky Ride 13 (with us)

I rode Chrome bareback in the halter for an hour today!  It was just around the yard, but we had fun.  Walking through the trees, stepping over stuff, practicing neck reining, etc.  Hubby got on Rocky after he was done tilling and planting.  He rode for twenty minutes.  The awesome part is that I was holding Rocky while hubby went inside to get fly spray and on a whim I decided to try ponying him.  Rocky is great at being ponied, but I didn't know how Chrome would respond because he's so skittish of Rocky.  They both did great!  I even have a video.

I wasn't going to share the video because I look awful!  I was wearing a t-shirt that is two sizes too big and sweat pants that were riding up and showing my socks.  I seriously should have been on that show What Not To Wear..... I dress comfortable when I'm at home, but comfortable is ugly lol.  I wasn't expecting to get video or pictures, but I have to share because this is so awesome and the end of the video is the best.  :D

Did you watch until the end??  Jackal is so cute!  My hubby is a goofball.

So I hope you ignored me and just admired my smart horses and cute dog lol.  There isn't much to write about because we didn't really do anything.  Just wandered around the yard and pasture.  Here are the rest of the pictures.

 Watching hubby till.  

I love that he isn't scared of tillers, mowers, tractors, leaf blowers, etc.  The only thing I've found that bothers him is the air compressor when it hisses and the air impact, which I can't blame him for because that thing is LOUD.  My dad asked if he was going to be okay before he started the mower and I just started laughing.  Of course he was fine, even when he drove by fairly close.  That's my boy!

 Following hubby out in the pasture while he was getting manure for the garden.
Chrome stares at Rocky when we are in the pasture and he's loose, waiting for an attack...

 Rocky looks so awesome!  He's finally looking good 
again after the staggers incident on the new year weekend.

Dad tried to feed strawberry jelly to Chrome, but he didn't like it.  He got it on his nose though and proceeded to get it all over my bike seat, me, my clothes..... thanks dad!

I just realized I didn't get any pictures of hubby riding.  Oops.  When I got off I gave Chrome's rope to hubby to see if he would pony behind Rocky, but he was confused and didn't want to walk that close to Rocky.  I guess it's different when I'm not on his back.  He kept wanting to come to me instead of following Rocky.  I'll probably try it again with me on Rocky sometime.  I would really like him to know how to pony.

 Reaching around to scratch his back leg.  Look at his tongue hehe.

 Then the yawning started.... look at his cute teeth!

 "Happy Mother's Day!!!!!"

 Mowing the lawn is their favorite after ride chore hehe.

 I love his dapples!! Finally!!

I was sitting on the ground next to him and reached under to get an under belly shot LOL!  I have no idea why, but it's cool.  You can see his dapples.  :D

Rocky looked up as I snapped his pictures.  Cutie!

Well that's all for today.  Pretty boring ride, which is a good thing with a green horse lol.


  1. One thing I can say is that there is no shortage of shade on your property. All those trees! We only have full grown trees down by the wash. I think Rocky probably could have ponied Jackal. Chrome and Rocky made nice turns together.

    1. We definitely have lots of shade. I think about seventy percent of our property is oak trees. I love it, especially in the summer. When I drive down our road with my windows down there is like a ten degree drop in temperature when you get to the trees around our place.

      Lol Jackal does stick right by us when I ride. :-D

      Rocky walks slower than Chrome so turns toward him are better than turns away. I'm still surprised how well they did since Chrome had never done anything like that and is afraid of Rocky. Rocky is being such a good boy when we work with him now.


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