Saturday, June 18, 2016

I miss riding!

This is the reason I haven't been riding!  We have been under heat advisories all week and the horses sweat like this all day, just standing in the pasture doing nothing.  I sooooo wish the barn was done so I could have some fans set up for them.  They are miserable.  Another reason I haven't ridden is because I pulled something in my good shoulder and it turned into a crick in the neck... yeah there was no way I was riding like that lol.  I'm fine now though.  I was going to ride today because it cooled off a teeny bit, but I got woken up at four am from Jackal screaming in pain (scariest way to wake up ever!) and then had to spend over half my paycheck at the vet, then I babysat him all day because I didn't want to leave him inside alone.  Check out the post on my other blog HERE for more details.

Here are the rest of the sweaty horse pictures.

They did not get rained on, were not in the pond, were not hosed off, nothing.  That is literally sweat running down his legs and hooves!!

It's hard to see sweat on Rocky, but can you see the white streaks?  That's salt streaks!!

 Sweat running down Chrome's legs.

 His entire neck, front legs, shoulders and chest were soaked.

 Poor guy is having a heck of a time with his sweet itch too.  He's so itchy!

 Hard to see, but the reflection is the sweat. 
 It runs down his flank just like rain would.

I don't think it's fair or safe to ride when it's that hot.  I wish my sprinklers hadn't gotten lost because I would have set them up for the horses.  Chrome LOVES the sprinklers when it gets like this.  He will just have to deal with being hosed off though.  He likes when I spray the water in the air above us and it feels good for me too.  :D  So that's why I haven't been riding.....  I hope you guys are having cooler weather and getting lots of rides in!


  1. I can't believe they're that sweaty just from standing around. That's crazy. And also why I could never live in the south.

  2. Wow that is hot! I agree that you can't ride in that. I've been complaining about the cold, but the weather is turning warmer. At least here when it's really hot it still cools down at night.

  3. Its been bad here, too. Very little riding time!

  4. Geez talk about hot! I guess the winters aren't too bad...

  5. Geez talk about hot! I guess the winters aren't too bad...


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