Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Chrome Ride 148 - 100 Ride Challenge Ride 34

It was only 95F degrees when I got home with a nice breeze and normal humidity (as opposed to the kind of humidity where you feel like you're drowning just trying to breathe), so I decided to hop on Chrome for a bareback ride around the property in just a halter.  As soon as I got on I could tell he was very tense.  When I asked him to walk up the driveway he was so hesitant I thought he was lame!!  Turns out he just didn't want to go up there, because when I turned him around he walked out really big and forward... ugh.  Above is the only riding picture I got because he was so tense.

As we headed up the driveway he first had to freeze and stare at all our hard work (in the above picture behind him).  He sniffed each post and then ignored it.  I walked him up the driveway and was standing near hubby, talking to him as he stretched the last bit of wire (we hang gates tomorrow) and a tree limb started squeaking where they were rubbing.  He flinched!!

Then something fell behind us and he jumped like he was going to bolt!  His head was straight up in the air and every muscle in his body was coiled for action.  My heart was racing in terror, so I got off.  Yeah I totally chickened out!  I'm not used to him being so spooky... it wasn't worth getting hurt or anything (and I'm paranoid right now because my best friend got kicked in the head a week and a half ago and almost died).  So the ride was only fifteen minutes.  I was talking to my dad later and he said it's probably the fireworks that the neighbors have been shooting off for two days.  Even the cat has been really freaked out.  Oh well, we didn't die.  We will try again tomorrow (with a saddle and bridle because I'm chicken... at least I was wearing a helmet!).

One more thing before I end the post. See the above photo?  See the muscles??

Those muscles???  Yeah!  He has butt muscles!!  His thigh muscles have never bulged out past his hip before.  :D  So the riding is definitely helping.  Hopefully this will get my motivated to get back to it despite the heat and humidity.  I'm way behind on the challenge so I definitely need some motivation.

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