Saturday, January 5, 2019

New Camera!!

A friend of mine gave me her old Canon EOS 20D when she upgraded her camera.  I finally got everything I needed to start using it (cards, battery, etc.) and I'm so excited to start practicing with it.  This is my first DSLR.  I learned the basics several years ago, but haven't had any practice since.  I've been reading and watching videos to refresh my memory, but keep in mind I am going to need a LOT more practice.  I'm still so excited to have an actual camera again because I hate cell phone photos.  I went out to practice with it outside for the first time today and just snapped some pictures of my mudball pony.  Gray horses are SO hard to take pictures of.  I was cheating and using the auto mode (because I was taking pictures of fast moving baby goats - see my other blog HERE for pictures of them), but I will eventually start using the manual mode.  I want to practice on still objects and landscapes first. I'm afraid I'll get frustrated if I try to practice on uncooperative animals lol.

 He is SO icky, but so handsome.  

I have a 50mm lens and I have very, very little experience with lenses (years ago and only a couple of times), so getting the focus right is very difficult for me.  I'm still learning and need so much more practice.  When I get it right, it's incredible.

 Napping while I take pictures of baby goats.

 The white balance or exposure is off on this one.  He's so cute napping though.

Woken from his nap.  I like the back lighting.  Wish he weren't so gross though.

Can't leave Led Zeppelin out.  I LOVE these pictures even though the lighting is awful.

 He was so fascinated with the kids.

Chrome was fascinate with them as well, but I was too busy making sure he didn't bite them to take pictures.  He was a good boy I'm happy to report.  Once things dry up and we aren't drowning in mud I'll hopefully be able to get some more pictures for you guys.  I hope you enjoyed them.

One last picture before I leave.  I wanted to share one of Jackal to show you how amazing this camera is when I get my you know what together.

It's so much easier to take pictures of him because of his amazingly wonderful sit/stay hehe.  :D