Chrome's Blog Recap

If you're like me when you find a new blog you want to go back and learn everything you can about the horse and person in the blog.  The problem is sometimes those blogs have been around for years and it can take weeks to read all of it.  My solution to this is to make a recap page that you can skim through and click on whatever interests you to read more.  So here is my blog recap!!  I'll update it at the end of each year and I'll link to the posts in case you would like to read in detail about something we've done.  Hover over the words to find the links since they are not a different color.

 Chrome was born May 19th 2009.  He got his first coggins on 10-10-09.  I brought him home on October 19th 2009 and posted pictures the next day.  Upon arriving home Chrome already knew how to lead, pick up all four hooves, stand for grooming and would stop although he did have a tendency to crowd into me.  So my first goals were to teach him "whoa" and to load on the trailer.  We let him socialize with the neighbor's horse, my goats and my dogs.  We also bought him a blanket and taught him to wear it (he was very calm about it, but didn't like me taking it off because the static shocked him).  We got him a companion, Galaxy and he got his first respiratory infection which meant his first trip to our vet.  Chrome played hard to catch so I made up a new rule of being haltered to eat his breakfast and dinner and also did some desensitizing.  He quickly gave up on playing hard to catch and was an angel about taking his antibiotics.  After less than a month with us I started taking him on road walks and he was awesome!  

Chrome finally started eating treats after almost a month of trying different kinds.  I taught Chrome to lower his head to have his halter removed, but it wasn't long before he learned his first bad habit of flipping his nose instead of lowering it when I took his halter off so he had to relearn how to have his halter removed politely.  I spend time desensitizing him to whips on his body and making noises around him.  Chrome goes for another walk (pictures) and learns to tell me when he's done eating (cute video)Galaxy almost breaks Chrome's jaw (click here for details) and had to be rehomed.  And the last exciting bit of news for 2009 was that Chrome let me walk up to him while he was laying down and didn't get up while I pet him.

I took pictures of Chrome at 12am on New Years and made goals for 2012. Chrome gets a new toy and LOVES it!  Chrome finally discovers the awesomeness of sugar cubes.  Chrome goes for his first walk alone on the roads and does fantastic.  I don't remember if I actually wrote this in the blog, but our method for dealing with traffic was to turn and face the vehicle as soon as we heard it approaching.  He was a little afraid of moving vehicles at first, but with this method he quickly got over it and didn't even mind if they came up behind him.  Chrome's second bad habit is nipping!  It's a natural behavior for a young colt, but something that had to be nipped (pun intended) in the bud immediately before it led to biting.  Galaxy went to her new home on 1-15-2010 and Chrome's new best buddy the donkey Led Zeppelin joined us on 1-18-2010.  

Chrome went for his fourth road walk.  Chrome shows how smart he is by calmly getting himself unstuck.  On 1-26-2010 I FINALLY started clicker training him!  We started out just charging the clicker by teaching him to touch a target (video).  Chrome's fifth road walk.  Chrome learns Airs Above The Ground LOL!  We worried about OCD lesions, but he was fine thank goodness!  I introduce Chrome to an umbrella and he chews on it.  Chrome learns to shred empty feed bags, wonder where that habit will come in handy?  We introduce Chrome to the Gorilla Cart, just more exposure to the scary things in the world.  We have our second clicker session learning to touch a target.  

Chrome gets a Jolly Ball and loves it!! Chrome has his third clicker session and learns to follow the target.  Chrome learns to avoid stepping on his rope while grazing in the yard.   Chrome goes on another walk and meets a stranger.  Chrome shows off his Friesian lineage with a display of FFA (Full Friesian Alert).  A video of one of our walks together.  We did more clicker and target training

During our fifth clicker session we work on the Grownups Are Talking game.  During our next clicker session we work on following and whoa.  Our next session focused on learning to back up.  In another clicker session I taught Chrome to target his shoulder to mine for leading without lagging behind.  We start having problems with a lack of stimulus control in our clicker training.  We have problems with balking and we work through it.  I shared a clicker training video.  We work on accepting fly spray through clicker training.  We have another session where we work on a lot including getting him over the fear of a green halterChrome turned a year old and I continue to agonize over his diet. 

We work on him holding his rear hooves up for longer periods of time.  Chrome lets me fly spray him!!  I rinsed Chrome off with the hose for the first time!  We FINALLY get to lease the land behind our property for the horses!  We start working on trailer loading.  Chrome learns to stand patiently tied.  Chrome desensitizes himself to the sprinklers!  Chrome explored the lease land for the first time (lots of awesome pictures!).  The dogs join Chrome on a walk for the first time.  Chrome broke into the feed room and ate a TON of feed, but he was fineChrome spends the night on the lease land for the first time.  I become obsessed with hooves! I got pea gravel for the horse barn and Chrome was NOT sure about walking in it (pictures). 


We started off the new year with a great walkAnother walk.  I started teaching him to trot in hand.  We worked on whoa, backing and head lowering with clicker training.  We tried clicker training while on a walk off the property.  I shared a video of our clicker training so far.  We work on taking treats nicely instead of with a gaping mouth.  I worry about his weird gait again (growing pains) and share a video.  We work on various things, including walking on my right side.  We review stuff and then work on lateral flexes

Chrome learns to play in the pond!  He shows his attitude.  He works for carrots.  I teach Chrome to smile (video)!  I lay across Chrome's back for the first time.  We work on desensitizing to a plastic bag and targeting a cone.  We do more desensitizing to the bag and touch his rear legs for the first time.  I work on teaching Chrome a "leave it" cue.  Chrome wears a surcingle for the first time.  We work on lifting his legs for cleaning.  We work on Equine Pilates including back lifts which were new for us.  I work on desensitizing Chrome to me touching his face.  We review and work on trailer loading.

Chrome learns to drink from the pond and plays with his Jolly ball. I start teaching Chrome to rest his rear toes on cue (one of the best things I've ever taught him!!).  Chrome learns to paw on cue... why I taught this I have no idea.  We do some desensitizing work on the trailerAwesome pictures. We worked on clicker training and I posted a video of Chrome learning to rest his rear toe on cue to make it easier to pick them up (or if you have a back back you can pick out the hooves with the toe resting on the ground).  I posted another training video with a nasty surprise (he actually only lifted his leg and it hit me in the leg because I was standing close, but everyone was fine). I explained the "kick" in detail and worked on trailer training

Chrome goes to the vet for a puncture wound in his hock!  Chrome's hock is getting better and he's a good boy for his trim.  Chrome goes on his third week of antibiotics for the puncture wound and I share pictures of his mini feathering.  :)  Chrome gets his second bath and is perfect!  Chrome fearlessly plays with a tarp.  I share of video of Chrome taking his antibiotics.  I share of video of Chrome "wearing" the tarp lol. 

We introduce Chrome to a four wheeler (video!) for the first time.  Chrome turns two (awesome birthday pictures!)!  Chrome has a mysterious swelling on his throat and luckily it turns out to be a cut with minor swelling which heals up nicely.  We start training again and we work on lateral flexion with a rope cue among other things.  Chrome's first ground driving session on video!  Chrome has his second ground driving session.  We have a great clicker session.

Video of our liberty work together.  Chrome meets our new horse Faran for the first time and we got video! I introduced Chrome to Chase The Tiger for the first time.  And then I got it on video! We try to take Chrome to his first horse show just to explore, but couldn't, so I worked on teaching shoulder yields.  I put a saddle on Chrome for the first time!  We built a pedestal for Chrome out of a tractor tire and I posted of video of him playing with it for the first time.  Chrome had a really bizarre case of rain rot that took forever to clear up (turns out if was Sweet Itch). 

Chrome plays in the pond (cute video).  We go for a walk.  The brats escaped, but were fine.  I found videos of Chrome's half siblings!  We did some clicker training, working on learning to follow a direct rein.  More clicker training, working on shoulder yields and more.  More training and Chase the Tiger on video (still shots if you can't see video).  A video of Chrome's first time jumping in hand!!  Training roadblock rantChrome practices for being a Competitive Trail Riding horse (video)

Chrome proves to be a great model for a photo shoot.  :D  Dirty boyChrome proves how smart he is.  Chrome walks across the highway for the first timeSome clicker training.  I lay across Chrome's back again.  I write about waiting to ride Chrome until his growth plates close in his back and got a lot of great comments (thanks guys!).  We have another clicker session working on various things including backing by his tail.  We go for a walk in the pasture at dark with Chrome wearing a saddle.  I share a video of Chrome Friesian sire Jan.  Chrome is gelded!  Chrome goes on his first walk after being gelded.  We have another clicker training session.  Chrome learns to longe (to keep his incision open).  An update on Chrome's healing castration incisions.  I give an update on Chromes longeing training (he did awesome!).

Chrome is feeling his oats (and obviously not bothered by his incision).  Chrome's incision looks infected and I ask questions about increasing Chrome's comfort level on the trailer and about tying on a trailer.  I share videos of working with Chrome on loading in the trailer and of his first time freaking out on the trailer.  I share my thoughts on starting Chrome under saddle when he turns three.  Chrome pulls a tire for the first time (with video)!  Christmas gifts for Chrome!  We take (bad) Christmas photos.  I share a video of all our "firsts" together.  That's all for 2011!

I make goals for 2012.  Chrome and Zep play hard and then I lay across his back (videos!).  I make a sidepull bitless bridle out of a dressage bridle!  With the help of photoshop I make a fun entry for an online contest hehe.  I finish Chrome's bitless bridle (added reins).   Our awesome neighbor helps us dig a trench around our barn to help with a flooding problem.   Chrome crosses the highway for the first time on our walk.  We cross the highway again and get lots of great photos!  I share another training video.

We get an Aussie saddle!  I post pictures of Chrome's hooves.  Chrome wears our new Aussie saddle for the first time.  I post a picture of Chrome wearing his baby blanket (too cute!).  The boys play dress up hehe!  We get new, pretty saddle pads.  I share a video of Chrome playing Chase The Tiger and of us working on manners around feed.  Chrome lost his first baby tooth.  Chrome wins the Adventure Animals category in the online contest and plays in the snow.  For Best in Show he got third runner up!

I share a video showing off Chrome's excited, tail flagged Arab trot.  Chrome has his first rider (and it's not me!)!  Chrome tries my homemade cookies (video).  We practice for the farrier.  I get new books from Chrome's contest win gift card.  I post pictures of Chrome's hooves after a trim.  I get a video of Chrome sleeping while tied up waiting his turn (he didn't even notice Faran being untied and led away).

I post a video of some noise desensitization work with Chrome (sledgehammer on metal).  More hoof pictures.  More hoof pictures (and slow motion video of him walking).  Chrome gets a bath.  Do I see faint dapples?  Chrome goes on his first trip to a creek.  Chrome checks out our new mounting block.  I post a video of Chrome and Zep bonding. I draw a cartoon Chrome.   Chrome gets his teeth floated.  I do a countdown to my first ride on Chrome where I answer all of your questions.

The horses get into a bunch of feed and eat probably 50 pounds of Enrich 32.  The Purina rep said they will be fine.  They were fine.  :D  My first ride on Chrome went great!!  Then I answer some questions about the first ride.  For our third ride I just sit on him for some cute pictures.  I bought two horse puzzles to put together and frame before I even got Chrome and then realized one is a Friesian and the other is a gray Arabian, which is what his parent's are!!

I get video of Chrome's fourth ride.  I answer some questions about clicker training.  Then I post a video of our fifth ride without using the clicker for comparison.  We have a slightly disappointing sixth ride.  I ask questions about trailers and talk about trailer shopping (and still in 2014 don't have a new one *sad face*).  I ask MORE questions about trailers.  Chrome's seventh ride is out on the lease land for the first time.

Chrome and I work on cordeo training for the first time (with video)!  We have an awesome eighth ride!  Our ninth ride.  Chrome plays in the pond (with video!), wears a fly mask for the first time and learns mud art.  Chrome's tenth ride and a bath.  I talk about Chrome's Friesian bloodlines.  Chrome eats apples!

I play with Chrome in the pasture and share lots of fun pictures.  Chrome tries on the Aussie saddle again.  And then I ride him in the Aussie saddle for the first time for his tenth ride.  I get a video of deer running by Chrome in the pasture.  I pull Chrome's mane for the first time!  Chrome plays with fish hehe.  I share random photos of Chrome (my new favorite trot picture!).

I talk about Neem oil for Chrome's sweet itch.  I talk about sweet itch and antihistamines.  Chrome and Zep crack me up! Seriously check out the pictures!  More random pictures of Chrome.  I share the improvement in Chrome skin after using Neem oil for just five days.  I talk about Chrome's growth and share how much he's grown since I got him.  Chrome starts learning to longe again (with video).  I actually dress up for once and take pictures with Chrome.

Chrome learns a new trick (with video!).  I ask about half chaps.  I share a video of the boys galloping up for supper.  I take Chrome for a walk.  Chrome gets his first abscess (read more here (video), here, here, here, here, here, here and then he's better and gets trimmed.  Someone asks if Chrome ever went through an awkward stage so I share pictures that could be awkward Chrome or awkward photography.  I share pictures of where I think his abscess has blown.  More random pictures.

I share a day in the life of Chrome.  I actually get up early for some morning photography and I love them!  More pictures.  Chrome is taller than Faran (just kidding).  I ask about riding out alone (and in 2014 I still haven't!!!  Grr!)A picture of Chrome's gorgeous neck.  More pictures.

Chrome's eleventh ride (first ride on the road)!  I share Chrome's Monthly Progress report and tell a story about him enchanting the neighbors.  :D  Chrome's twelfth ride is on Christmas and in the snow!!!

Chrome's thirteenth ride.  Chrome's fourteenth ride.  Chrome moves an hour away to our new home.  Good things happen when I actually wake up early (I got awesome foggy pictures of Chrome!)!  I answer questions and talk about Chrome's stifles (this is when his stifles first started messing up, but looking back the day he went to the creek his stifles were sore the next day then too).  Chrome explores his new home.

I talk about the Paddock Paradise system I would like to build someday.  I post a video showing Chrome's locking stifle.  We have our fifteenth ride on Valentine's day!  I talk about teaching Chrome to steer.  I set my goals for 2013 (of which I don't accomplish a single one!).  I share lots of pictures!  I talk about rehoming Faran.  More about Faran.

I rename my blog.  Chrome and I go on our first road walk in our new home.  I post a video of Chrome at Christmas in 2012 that I forgot about.  I share drawings of Chrome.  We go for another walk.  Chrome's sixteenth ride.  Round penning and more road walking.  I ask about vaccinations.  I made a homemade slow feeder net (which Zep proceeds to destroy).

Chrome's seventeenth ride (And we really trot for the first time).  We have a great longe lesson.  Chrome is introduced to an electric fence for the first time.  I meet a horse worth 1.5 million dollars (but can't share pictures).  I teach Chrome to lead from the four wheeler.  Chrome's eighteenth ride (my first time riding him all alone in the pasture).  Chrome's stifles start locking again.  I start new stifle exercises with Chrome (video).

I finally get pictures of me with Chrome while he's laying down!  Chrome's nineteenth ride.  Chrome's twentieth ride (and lots of fun, unrelated pictures).  Chrome's twenty first ride (and pictures of the poisonous ragwort).  I talk about equine fitness.  Chrome's twenty second ride (first ride on the road at our new house).

Chrome's twenty third ride.  Chrome's twenty fourth ride.  I ask about my Aussie saddle's fit.  Chrome's twenty fifth ride.  I share a bunch of fun pictures!  Chrome's twenty sixth ride.  Chrome's twenty seventh ride.  Chrome's twenty eighth ride.  Chrome's twenty ninth ride and hoof pictures.  Chrome turns four and we have our thirtieth ride.

Chrome's thirty first ride.  Poor Chrome is so itchy.  So I start Neem oil again.  Chrome's thirty second ride.  Chrome's thirty third ride (and he learns to steal apples from the tree).  More pictures, plus a close call on rehoming Faran.  I talk about Chrome's sweet itch some more.  I post a picture from 2011 of Chrome standing right next to my friend's husband while he shoots a rifle.

Chrome's thirty fourth ride.  Chrome's thirty fifth ride (and pathetic mane).  Chrome has rain rot.  We go for a walk and I share a video of Chrome's fancy trot.  I talk about roaching Chrome's mane.  I freak out when I realize Maple leaves are poisonous to horses and they are all over my pasture.  I roach Chrome's mane (and LOVE it!).

I lock Chrome up so he can't eat Maple leaves (and we play bob for apples).  Day two of lockup and pictures of the Maple leaves.  I talk about fat in the equine diet.  A bunch of Chrome pictures.  Chrome's thirty sixth ride.  More pictures (and I tell why I love my horse).  Belated blog anniversary.  More pictures and I worry that Chrome isn't drinking enough.

I share a video of our scary blackbird migration and lots of Chrome pictures.  Chrome's thirty seventh ride (plus a spook caught on video).  More pictures/video from the ride.  More random pictures of my boy.  Pictures of all the boys rolling and playing.  Chrome's thirty eighth ride (hubby rode Chrome!  Plus a video of us trotting).

Chrome's thirty ninth ride.  Ride thirty nine continued (with treeless saddle, which made his back sore without a special saddle pad).  Chrome and I take Thanksgiving pictures together.  Another post about stifles and rain rot.  Pictures of Chrome playing in the snow (CUTE)!  I slip on ice and Chrome stepped on me.  We treat Faran's rain rot.  Faran chokes.  Faran recovers well from the choke.

The reason I don't go into more detail on the rides here is because you can read a condensed version of all of our rides here.

Chrome's fortieth ride on New Years day!  I share pictures of my filthy horses hehe.  I share pictures of the boys being dewormed.  A picture of Chrome napping.  More random pictures.  I write a post about dappled grays.  More snow pictures.  Even more snow pictures.  You guessed it, more snow pictures!  Chrome's forty first ride.

I rode my best friend's purebred Friesian mare!  My Siberian Husky Storm died from chronic kidney failure.  :(  A funny story about Chrome.  More snow!!  Chrome's forty second ride and I roached him again.  Chrome's forty third ride.  Chrome's forty fourth ride. Chrome's forty fifth ride.  Chrome's forty sixth ride.

I list all of the Competitive Trail Riding obstacles I want to build and learn to navigate.  Chrome's forty seventh ride.  I share a picture of all three boys laying down.  We work on our first CTR obstacle.  I got to meet Chrome's sire Jan!!!  Chrome finally gets a leather halter!  I talk about my Equine Fitness book that I love.  I wash Chrome's tail and try to get all of the stains out.  Chrome second workout.  Chrome's third workout.  Chrome's fourth workout.  I share the stifle exercises out of the Equine Fitness book.

I got to photograph a friend's four day old Friesian foal.  I got a video of Chrome putting on his full blown Arabian act for the neighbor's horses.  Faran has a new home and I post Chrome's assessment for his workout program.  Chrome's workout.

More coming soon . . .

Present Goals

As of December 2014 my number one goal is getting Chrome (and myself) in shape!! I want to start tracking all of his mileage now that I can use the Endomondo app.  I also want to haul him off property to ride somewhere and I want to take dressage lessons on him.

Future  Goals

Future goals include fun things like dressage lessons, competing in CTR, learning to drive, etc.  More on this later!