Friday, January 15, 2010

Big News

Okay, the big news is here. Galaxy has gone to her new home! She's now living on eighty acres with fifteen other horses. I think she'll be happier now because she'll be living in a more natural setting with a lot of room to move around and a bunch of horses to befriend. Hopefully she'll find a buddy that she likes better than Chrome. I'm really sad to have let her go, but when I start feeling down I just have to remind myself of the times when she acted aggressive and scared me or the time when she kicked Chrome in the face.

The people I gave her to are very nice and extremely patient with a lot of experience with young horses. They said that I could come visit her anytime and yesterday I learned that she's already been claimed by a niece of the family. I have a feeling she'll be spoiled rotten in no time!

She did very well loading onto the trailer. This was only the second time she had ever been on a trailer!! It took about twenty minutes and they never once pushed her, scolded her or forced her to do anything. They let her explore and make the decision herself.

Approaching the trailer she was a bit nervous.

They let her sniff the trailer for as long as she wanted.

It didn't take long before she decided to put one hoof on the trailer.

They let her do that a few times to test that it was a solid surface and that it was safe.

Thinking over her options. She was still a little nervous because Chrome was neighing to her from the pasture.

They used feed to reward her when she would put a hoof on the trailer.

Then she put two hooves on the trailer. At this point it didn't take long to get her on the trailer. She got a little scared when we had to close the door, but the trailer was huge so she didn't panic. Poor Chrome was upset about losing his companion, but he's been spending time with the neighbor's gelding by the fence so I think he'll be fine until we can pick up the donkey, Led Zeppelin, from my dad's house.

I'll miss Galaxy. I think she would have been a good horse with some work. I just don't have the time to work with two young horses and I've never dealt with a kicker or a horse with food aggression before. We'll also have all of the goats kidding out within a month or two and life really will get hectic, so I think we made the best decision. I'll let you all know how it goes with the donkey. We're hopefully going to pick him up on Sunday. I also have a bunch of pictures of Chrome to share over the next few days. :) Later!


  1. Oh--a happy ending. That is wonderful news.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful home for her :)

  3. I'm glad you found her a good home with experienced people to help her become a young lady with manners. It's hard but sometimes the best thing to do is let them go.You probably made the best decision for all of you and the best part is you can visit her.

  4. I know how you feel as we had to find a home for the Arab we had rescued because I didn't have the time to work with him (He hadn't been handled for the first 5 years of his life) and he kept herding my old, lame Peruvian around which kept irritating his sore leg. He was fat and sassy before we did find him a good home, though, and not the bag of bones he was when he first came. OC

  5. It sounds like Galaxy found a really nice home. She will have more friends to choose from so that she won't get grouchy.



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