Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Videos From Today!

Normally I try not to post twice in one day but we had a bunch of snow today and I got some really cool videos that I had to share. I'll share the pictures I took another day. This first one is of Chrome and Zeppelin still in their pen, running, bucking and playing together.

This next one is several clips of Chrome playing after I let him out of his pen. I didn't really want to because it's slick and I didn't want him hurting himself, but I figured as worked up as he was getting he probably could in his pen too, so I let him out to burn off some energy.

This last one is after Chrome finished playing and had calmed down. The snow was coming down hard and I had my umbrella out to keep the camera dry. Chrome had never seen an umbrella before today so he was a bit wary and wouldn't come to me, but later on he investigated the umbrella and chewed on it lol. I have pictures of it that I'll show later.

Hope you enjoyed. We had a lot of fun today and I didn't have to go to work, so it was great!

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  1. Lovely videos, really made me smile, thanks for sharing :)


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