Saturday, January 30, 2010

Donkey Day!

Heehaaaaaaaaw! Led Zeppelin here. I'm so excited that I get my very own day on the blog where I can write whatever I want! Chrome hogs all of the attention, so my human decided Saturdays are my day. I was not expecting to come here when I walked onto the trailer, but I'm glad I did. I get all the hay I can eat and I have a new buddy. I loved my goat pals, but it's nice to have another equine around again. There are some strange creature here though! I was very confused about the chickens at first.

But we're good now. I'll even have a nice roll with them around.

I do want to tell you about my second day here. Or maybe it was my third. Anyway, I was not handled much as a baby, so I don't always trust humans straight away. I was very skittish of my new humans. They took their time out in the pen with me feeding me grain from their hands and from the bucket. Eventually I was eating out of the bucket while they scratched my neck, withers and shoulder. As long as I had the grain to concentrate on I was fine.

Eventually they slipped a rope halter on me. I didn't mind. Then they stuck a tube in my mouth and squirted in some wormer. Of course I got grain immediately after so I didn't mind that either. My humans were surprised I didn't jerk my head back or fight or try to escape or try to spit it out. What do they think I am? A horse? I'm a donkey, people! Once I decide I trust you, then you're good. They didn't get any pictures because they were expecting it to be a whole lot more difficult than it was. I'm offended. Anyway, I think I'll have another roll and take a nap.

Night everyone!


  1. Fantastic, I'm a massive donkey fan, I think they are great animals, must be something to do with the ears! :D

    I hope you persuade your mom to do some clicker training with you Zepplin. Alex Kurland has a great idea in her book; yes, no and maybe ears, works brilliantly with donkeys ;)

  2. Holy crap! You are the cutest thing ever! I can't stand it! I hope that you and Chrome are great pals so that we get to see more of you.


  3. Zep you are very handsome indeed! I love long ears and I must say, yours are quite handsome! I look forward to learning more about you on Saturdays!

  4. He is so cute--like a big stuffed animal that you want to cuddle.


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