Monday, January 4, 2010

Random Pictures

I took a bunch more pictures of Chrome. I love taking pictures of him, even though he's finally going through an ugly stage. For those of you who aren't familiar with young horses, they basically grow one end at a time. Their rear end grows taller, then their front end has to catch up. This makes them look all gangly and silly for a while. I've heard said that horses that don't go through ugly stages will be short horses and horses that do go through ugly stages will be tall horses. I don't know if it's true, but if it is I'm glad he's finally going through an ugly stage lol! Anyway, enough rambling. Here are the pictures.

Playing with fallen pine needles.

Going for a gallop with Galaxy.

I love this picture. I caught Chrome in a perfect canter stride and I like Jackal's expression.

Giving me wild, googly eyes because he didn't realize I was standing there.

Galaxy and Chrome both looking gorgeous as they search the far off fields for the neighbor's horse.

Pretty floaty trot. Wish I'd caught this from the side, but still cute.

"Look Mom! What's over there?"

Looking tall and handsome.

And a couple of Galaxy so you don't think I've just forgotten her. I have a lead on a new home for her from someone I trust, so I'll let you know as soon as I hear something.

Pretty trot. I'm going to miss the sweet Galaxy, but not the mean one.

Checking out the dogs.

Tomorrow I'll try to post the snow pictures I got today. Still isn't much snow, but it's way more than we got the past two time.


  1. Galaxy really is a beautiful horse. I hope Chrome doesn't get too despondent when she's gone.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I love his gangly, long legs! :D

  3. We hope Galaxy finds a good home soon and that Chrome gets a new pal.


  4. Chrome is going to be gorgeous when he is grown, and how well I know that gangly "teenage" look! Our Corgi pups are going through a phase like that now at almost 5 months.

    Grammy just MUST come over here and see your blog because she is a nut about horses and has had them for 40 years out of her 56 years. She LOVES Friesians, too, and I know that she will love the pic of Chrome's sire!

    Since he is so young, I can see where he would be "herding" things around! OC


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