Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monthly Progress Report - 1-19-10

Date: 1-19-10
Age: 8 months
Height: A little over 13¼hh (52¼in/132.08cm)
Height Gain: ¾ inch
Weight: Approx 530lbs
Weight Gain: 55lbs

Progress: Wow, I knew Chrome was growing, but ¾ of an inch in height and 55lbs in one month! Nice! Chrome is still doing very well with picking up his feet and he adores being groomed. I think he gets muddy just so I have something to brush off lol. As most of you know we rehomed the filly Galaxy and brought my dad’s donkey Zeppelin home to keep Chrome company. He wasn’t sure about Zep at first, but he calmed down instantly. They have quickly become friends and I don’t think Zeppelin is going to put up with Chrome’s obnoxious behavior, so that’s good. Chrome is starting to show out and test his boundaries, but other than the nipping he hasn’t tried anything with me. Chrome has also found a treat he likes finally and of course it’s sugar. I’m going to use it for now but will continue to try him out with other treats. He still eats nicker makers occasionally and he even ate one of the peppermint treats the other day, but he won’t eat either consistently enough yet to use for clicker training.

Goals: My goal for this month is to start Chrome on clicker training. I’ll probably start with target and I’ll of course work on polite behavior (no mugging for treats!). I also need to be consistent with our nipping training. I read about a method on one of the blogs I follow (sorry I don't remember which one) about nipping. She suggested walking away and ignoring them when they nip because nipping is an invitation to play. So far, so good. I’m not going to try for too much this month because it is still winter and with unpredictable weather comes unpredictable behavior from me lol!!

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  1. I've heard the same thing about nipping in youngsters being play behaviour and if you react they think you want to join in, so the walking away is probably a good plan :)


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