Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Toy

I said yesterday that I was going to post the snow pictures, but they will have to wait because I completely forgot about these pictures. Because Chrome loves to play so much I bought him a new toy.

This is actually a dog toy, but considering the way Chrome loves swinging things around (especially sticks) I thought he would adore this toy!

He gave it a nibble . . .

. . . and decided my jacket tasted better!

So I tossed it on the ground. He gave it a sniff . . .

. . . and decided grass was better.

Below are some more random pictures from our fun day on Sunday. I'll post the snow pictures from yesterday tomorrow.

This picture shows where his fur is turning white. Someday he'll turn gray (solid white).

Running, bucking and playing. I like how all the chickens scattered in the first picture.
Click to enlarge.

Showing off his long, floaty trot.

Showing off his gorgeous Friesian neck when greeting my husband.

Checking out the dorky floppy hat.

That's all for today. Look forward to snow pictures tomorrow! Now I gotta go to work before I'm late. :)


  1. How cool, I have one of those toys for my dogs, they love it and spend ages tugging with it, so if Chrome doesn't like it try your dogs with it! Star has something called a Jolly Ball, it's a ball with a handle, she likes to pick it up and throw it about, usually over the fence! :D

  2. OC was RIGHT! I did need to come on over here!

    We've had a few that liked to play with toys. I got an old tether ball for our old Appy to play with, and he loved it! I also put pebbles or beans in some empty gallon size plastic milk bottles and tied them a few places along the fence and several of my horses liked to flip those around and listen to the things rattle in them.

    Was Chrome's mom a gray? I thought Friesians tended to stay black all of their lives, but I know that the grey genes are usually dominant, and a lot of Arabs have it (I noticed his mom is art Arab.)

    Friesians are usually fairly large... while a lot of Arabs are smaller. About how big do you think Chrome will be?

    My part Peruvian had a Peruvian sire (about 14.3 hands) and an Appaloosa Mustang mother (16.1 hands) He is 15.3. He is 23 years old and I've had him 20 years. Linda (OC's Mom)

  3. See, I TOLD you my Mom would love your blog! OC


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