Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow Pictures

Okay, I have finally caught up in photo editing to show you the snow pictures from Monday. I think these are so cute! Here is Chrome's opinion of his new toy after having the chance to investigate it a little.

I woke up and looked out my window to see him playing with it in his paddock.

He loves walking around and swinging it in circles.

I should have gotten a video but I didn't think about it until later. Oh well.

Then I went out into his paddock, which of course distracted him from playing, so I had to toss the toy a couple of times.

He gave a halfhearted attempt, but was more interested in finding out if I had feed.

So I let him out of his paddock.

And he played some more.

And some more.

So there we have it. Chrome adores his new toy. :) So now he has two toys. The rings and a Jolly Ball. I'm going to buy sugar cubes today because a friend told me that most colts learn to eat it pretty easily. So maybe I can start clicker training sooner than spring. We'll see how it goes. :)


  1. Brilliant, I love to see them playing, looks like Jackal won't be getting the toy now! ;D Another toy Star really likes is her treat ball, I use it when she is on restricted grazing to keep her occupied. A handful of chopped carrots or pony nuts keeps her busy. We did have to block up one of the holes to stop her eating them too quickly, as she quickly worked out pushing it slow and careful delivered maximum goodies. But it's a great self reinforcing way of getting them to push a ball :)

  2. Chrome is adorable! And already stunning. I'll be interested in how the clicker training goes. I've never done that.

  3. He's so beautiful, I'm glad he likes his new toys. I'm sure a little clicker training would be fine, if he's anything like my horses these days he's probably bored stiff.

    As to your question on my blog. I haven't tried clicker training yet, I did buy clickers and the book. I should mention that Dusty has now been trained to stand quietly at the mounting block with only treats for a reward. Blue is never afraid of anything he's just Blue, you'd have to meet him to understand his personality. One incident, on his way in from turnout one day, he detoured to climb into the dumpster and stand atop all the manure and survey his kingdom. He's just a goofy oddball.Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. He looks like he IS finally enjoying his toy, and that's good as colts can find trouble to get into if they get bored. You are definitely doing a great job of making sure that doesn't happen.

    By the way... OH DUH! I finally noticed the pics of Chrome with his mom, and I see that she IS a grey. Is she a flea-bitten or a dapple grey? I can only see small parts of her.

    I LOVE a horse with a lot of personality!


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