Monday, October 29, 2012

An Hour In The Life of Chrome

I went out into the pasture and spent around an hour following Chrome around taking pictures.  So here is an hour in the life of Chrome.  :D

  Don't they just look sooooo innocent?
 This was two seconds later lol.  Chrome is stepping backwards in this shot.  
Look at those muscular haunches!

I love Faran's expression!  Chrome is such a pest sometimes.  :D

 The lighting is all wrong, but he is so handsome!
(by the way Faran chased him to this spot by the pond and then wandered off to graze)

 Sorry for the quality.  I was using the continuous shoot mode.

After playing with both of his buds he came to check on me.
He likes to check in every once in a while when I'm following him around.
I was crouched down and he came to stand over me. 
 I got this shot right before being smothered in pony kisses.

And then he wandered off and was sniffing the ground.  
I got this shot of him looking for the perfect spot to roll,
but I missed the roll itself dang it!  I did get the camera
switched to video right as he stood up though......

He rolled all of the way over once and then stood up and shook off.  I wish I'd gotten video of him rolling.  I almost never see him lay down anymore.

And then he did some grazing.

That didn't last long.  Suddenly he looked up and trotted off toward the trees.  It was almost like he was leading me around . . .

I followed him into the woods . . .

He stopped to scratch his head.

Then he stopped to browse in the trees (I cut his head off, but you can see him reaching up into the branches).  I love how he's back lit and his tail is glowing lol.

And I'll leave you with this shot of my two headed horse!

Just kidding.  I was following them and got a picture of them lined up.  Faran's head is to the right and Chrome's is to the left.  So cute!  At this point my batteries died.  *pout*  Maybe I'll try again sometime.  It's fun following them around on thirty acres!


  1. cute. you can tell that his life is sooooo tough. Poor baby. I may have to report you. :)

  2. Hehe, go ahead and report me! Chrome will make up all sorts of outrageous lies so that they are forced to write up a contract that says I have to give him 100 treats a day, brush him for two hours a day, find him a girlfriend and scratch his itches for six hours a day!!! I don't know if I could keep that contract LOL!

  3. You have some really lovely photos in this sequence. I really like the one where Chrome is wandering off into the woods. They're so evocative of what a horse's life is (or should be) like.


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