Saturday, October 27, 2012

Chrome's Abscess (pictures)

 I finally took a picture of the abscess.....

The part circled in red is where it finally blew.  No wonder he was in such pain!  Poor guy!  I'm so glad he's all better.  Also below is a picture of his right rear hoof where my farrier pointed out an abscess that blew around six months or so.  He never even limped!  I wasn't even aware of it.

He has old event lines too, probably from rich grass and persimmons or even dewormer.  Poor guy.  I hope we can get his hoof issues sorted out so he doesn't get darn abscesses anymore!


  1. Yes, if he is getting chronic abscesses it helps to do a little investigations. My sister's horse was getting them so often he was lame most of the year - they finally put shoes on him and they stopped. Turns out his weight was putting too much stress on his hooves and causing to much concussion. Will you shoe Chrome eventually?


  2. I started bre on a biotin supplement I can look it up if you'd like. She still gets one abscess a year but she used to have them all the time. Maybe chrome just needs a little extra supplement while his body is using up nutrients to grow.

  3. Sam, I don't plan on ever shoeing him unless it was something serious that needed corrective shoeing. Most hoof problems are diet related so I'll look into that first. It probably has to do with all of the persimmons he's eating. Since the land is leased I can't do anything about them.... we're thinking about using temporary electric fencing to make a paddock paradise system, but it might have to wait until next year. I will be investigating though. :D

    Adventures, I feed Chrome Enrich 32 which is a ration balancer and is supposed to have everything they need..... I might need to supplement something though. I'm probably going to go ahead and have his forage tested to see if he's missing anything, of course since the grass is dying out for winter I might have to wait until next year. I'm suspecting it's the persimmons though because they are eating every single one that falls and that much sugar can't be good. The persimmons have about died out now with it getting colder, but for next year I'm planning to use some strategic electric fencing to prevent that problem again. The problems could have been caused by the fresh green growth in the grass too since the event lines and abscesses seem to correspond with when we had a lot of rain, thus a lot of lush grass. He's probably just going to be too easy of a keeper to keep on green grass.

    Thanks for your help and comments guys!

  4. Feet issues... so frustrating. I hope you figure it all out!

  5. I have been catching up on your blog. (things got busy the past couple of months and I got VERY behind on reading blogs.) Anyhow, I've been reading all of your posts about Chrome's abscess. So glad to hear that he is feeling better! Abscesses can be so painful and yucky. They are definitely not fun. I'm sure he's feeling much happier now!




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