Friday, October 12, 2012

Oh Abscess!

Sounds like a cuss word doesn't it??  Chrome has his first ever hoof abscess.  :(  I've never treated one on my own (although a lesson horse at the barn where I worked got them all the time so I was good at spotting them), so I called my farrier and she explained the whole process in great detail.  Of course, since I've never had a horse abscess in the twenty two years I've had them, I didn't have anything I needed, so I went to town and got some Ichthamol , diapers and vet wrap.  I did at least have the epson salt lol!  So everyone please keep your fingers crossed that it pops soon so he can get some relief.  Poor baby.


  1. I need to read up as well...I've never had one, but it is always good to be prepared to #1, observe and recognize medical conditions #2, know a bit about them. Looks like I will be pulling out a few books I have on my shelf. I hope he gets well soon.

  2. Gah! Into every horseowner's life an abscess or two will fall. No worries, though--it's not the end of the world! ;-) Here's my method to cure:

    1. Hot water/epsom salt soak for at least 20 minutes
    2. Animalintex poultice pad (or I suppose you could use epsom salt poultice or icthamol, but I LOVE the Animalintex pads) on the sole; cover with some Vetrap, then place a Thermacare pad on top to keep it hot for 8 hourse, then more Vetrap. Icthamol or epsom salt poultice on the coronet, more Vetrap, plus a duct tape bootie or a hoof boot.
    3. Jiaogulan (also called j-herb) to increase circulation to the hoof and help the abscess pop
    4. As much movement as possible!
    5. A White LIghtning soak or two afterwards to clear everything up.

    Best of luck!

  3. Oh nasty. Hopefully Chrome will be a good patient and on the mend quickly.

    Mango Momma

  4. I hate those effing things. Bre gets one every year like clockwork. She used to get more than one when she was a young thing. You are doing what I would do. I also discovered this poultice you get from the vet its isn't cheap but it lasts forever. I will look up the name on Sunday. It seems to reduce her pain overnight. And ductape! I don't use vet wrap. I just ductape the diaper on and leave it with the icthamol and poultice until it falls off then reapply the next day.


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