Monday, October 8, 2012

A peaceful walk with Chrome (with pictures)!

The weather has finally cooled off (too much for my wimpy self, but when the sun is out I'm good lol) so I decided to take Chrome for a walk since it's been soooooo long.  We had fun!  It was a short one.  We just went down the dirt road that runs alongside their pasture so that Faran would follow us and get some exercise too (he's fat, wait until you see his photo lol).  Chrome was enjoying the cool weather.  He even flipped his tail over his back and put on his best Arabian impression when Faran galloped by.  I unfortunately didn't get a picture of that.  :(  Wish the boy would warn me when he's planning to be really cute LOL!  Anyway, here are the picture.

 I of course had to brush Chrome because we can't go out in public looking all scruffy and dirty.  After a thorough grooming (he needs a bath, ew!) I was taking pictures and he was so bored he started yawning impatiently (just like my old Appy mare Lady did).  He looks like he's braying LOL!

 We were walking on opposite sides of the road so I could get pictures of him.  Isn't he cute?

 Look at how white and pretty his tail is!

I love this picture above!  I took it right as he started to turn back to me and his expression is adorable.  It reminds me of my old Appaloosa mare Lady that I grew up with.  She was always tossing the old stink eye around.  :)

 He was really striding out on this walk (not in this picture) and had a huge overstep at the walk.  :)

 Chrome has his head in the clouds hehe.

 This was right after the flipped tail, Arab impression.  He's standing stretched out on a hill in the ditch staring after Faran. 

 Big, beautiful (fat!) Faran watching us from his pasture.

 Silly Led Zeppelin braying at us to come back.

I love how this picture shows their size difference.  They weren't happy about being left behind lol.

So, that's all for now.  I enjoyed our little walk and hope we get to start doing more stuff now that it's cooled off a bit.  I wanted to ride, but Chrome has a cut on his back from either playing too hard or scratching it on a limb.  It's right where I would be sitting so no riding for a bit.  It probably wouldn't really hurt him (it's not bad at all), but I don't want him to associate riding with something uncomfortable or painful, so I'll wait.  :)


  1. Steele and I had a good walk too.
    Love his tail! It's beautiful.

  2. Chrome is so handsome. And, Faran is such majestic looking horse. Love that picture of Faran and Led Zeppelin (what a cutie!).


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