Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 4 Chrome's Abscess

Poor Chrome was just as miserable this morning as yesterday morning so I gave him some more Benamine.  I also got some Bute at the vet today.  The swelling was back this morning, but the Benamine got rid of it again.  I really hope the swelling is because of the abscess.  That worries me.  And the way he walks on his toe scares me because I don't want him to give himself laminitis in one or both of his front hooves.  Please pray/cross your fingers that this stupid abscess blows! I can't handle much more of this worry and stress.  I soaked his hoof and redressed it in Icthamol.  Putting duct tape on the bottom of his hoof over the vet wrap and diaper helped it last all day.  It didn't come off!  Yay!  I rewarded him by letting him graze in the yard for a while because that makes him walk around.  When left alone in the pasture he hides in the barn all day.

Being my overly paranoid self I was worried he wasn't drinking enough since he won't leave the barn so I filled my wagon with water and pulled it halfway across thirty acres for him, then he wouldn't drink haha!  So I pulled up long Bermuda grass and held it in the water for him to eat.  We made a game out of him grabbing the grass out of the water and tearing it out of my hand (I held on to it so he'd have to fight for it) so that he splashed water all over me and made me squeal.  He LOVED it!!  :D  I'm so glad this abscess isn't affecting his appetite or spirit.  :D  I love that my boy can cheer me up even when he's miserable.  Please continue the prayers for my boy.


  1. Oh and I forgot to mention I saw him poop, pee and drink finally so at least the rest of his body doesn't seem to be affected by the stress of his pain. :)

  2. You know, it might be a good idea to have the vet come out to drain the abscess. It may give him some relief and control where the abscess erupts.


  3. What Sam says is how we normally do it in France too, but it's the farrier, not the vet, who does the draining.

  4. Poor Chrome! Hope he gets some relief soon. Fingers and toes are crossed!

  5. If bre doesn't burst after 5 days the vet comes out to open it. I usually give this prescription poultice stuff a try first.


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