Friday, October 26, 2012

Awkward Chrome or Awkward Photography?

The above picture isn't an awkward stage, it's just cute and I've never posted it before, so I thought I would share it.  He's helping me unload the feed hehe.  :D

One of my followers mentioned on the last progress report that Chrome never went through any awkward stages (that a lot of young horses go through).  I immediately thought, yes he did!  I remember him being so awkward sometimes, but after looking through my old photos I think most of the time it was awkward photography that was the culprit lol.  So here's a few quick photos (late for work) showing some of his awkward stages.  ;D

 He went through a stage where his head looked waaaay too big for his body.  It was a lot more obvious in person and in the winter (with his thick winter coat) than it is in pictures.  This one sort of shows it.  Can you believe he was eight months old in this picture????  My husband is 5'10" although he is crouching a little to hug him here.  Still.... wow.  I forgot how big of a baby he was.  :D

 See what a I mean?  Big head!  Haha!  This is one of those awkward photography moments lol.

He went through several extremely butt high stages!  This was on level ground when he was seven months old.

In this one his stride and the downhill slope exaggerates his butt-high-ness.  :)

 He also went through a stage when his body was balanced, but his neck was sooooo short!!

And he went through a stage where he was learning his balance in his growing body lol.

There are lots more pictures, but I really need to go to work, so if you want to see more just let me know.  :D

In conclusion I have to agree that he didn't really go through many awkward stages because every awkward picture I can find of him I can also find one from the same day where he looks very balanced.  So I think the conclusion is awkward photography hehe.  :D  I hope you enjoyed seeing some old pictures of my boy. 


  1. The second "big head" picture is HILARIOUS in showing how big the head was. Too funny!
    As someone who is regularly told that I can't be caught on film without a weird face or pose, I fully understand awkward photography.

  2. Ok the big head makes me feel a little better. But even w his butt a mile higher than his shoulders he still looks fancy. I'm excited to see how he grows up. He's going to fill out big time in the next 2 yrs.


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