Sunday, October 28, 2012

Random pictures of the boys!

 I had to zoom way in for the above picture and the color turned out bad so I changed it to black and white and used an oil painting filter.  I think it turned out cute.  :)

I took an old feed bag out to Chrome for him to play with.  Here he is approaching it for the first time.  LOVE that neck!

  Chrome is playing with his feed bag and Faran is . . . contemplating his reflection?

This is one of my favorites!

 Chrome and Faran sniffing noses right before a rowdy game of bitey face!

So cute!  Chrome lost his bag and was trying to reach it without going further in.  Zep was watching him like he's crazy for getting his feet wet..... or maybe secretly hoping he would fall in?

My giraffe!

 Gorgeous!  He is soooo shiny!

 Handsome Faran.

Faran has such a cute trot!  Isn't he so gorgeous when he gets his new black coat in??

 Sometimes I forget how huge Faran is.  My husband is almost 5'11" to give you an idea of scale.  :)

Another cute trot!  I wish the picture hadn't come out overexposed. 


I thought this one was cute!  I caught both of them with their eyes closed lol.

So which is your favorite one of Chrome?  And which is your favorite of Faran?  Aren't they soooooo cute?!


  1. OK, we're biased but... we think Faran looks absolutely FABULOUS!!!

    Vidock and Violette

  2. I don't know how to pick my fave. These are all amazing. You need to frame some of them.


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